Lake Day, Sharon, and the RED SOX!

Dear Family,
Here are some pictures for you from the past week. I have had a lot of fun times! It is becoming a challenge for me to balance playing hard with working hard. I want to make the most of my last three and half months in Boston and at Wellesley!

Photos from Lake Day: one of Wellesley's oldest traditions where we have a big carnival and picnic on Severance Green. We don't know it's Lake Day until that morning! To make our Senior Year Lake Day go down in history, me and my friends had a little 1AM secret expedition to Lake Waban that night...

Photos from our Ward Campout in Sharon, Vermont: It was such an awesome trip!!! I had a great time getting to know people in my ward and being in the GORGEOUS birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith. We had an incredible testimony meeting and on that sunny morning in Sharon I said, "Hail to the Prophet!" His fantastic story is REAL and he did in fact see God the Father and His Son! He was truly blessed to open the last dispensation! I really enjoyed singing "Praise to the Man" in Sharon. It reminded me of visiting holy places in Israel and made me want to do a lot more church history sightseeing.

Making banana boats in the campfire...yum!

we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking around the campfire... I had a goal to meet everyone and I accomplished that goal!

This is the cabin we stayed in. all the cabins at Camp Joseph are named after Book of Mormon prophets. Sweet, huh? I found it appropriate to read Mosiah three and four before bed, since I was staying in Benjamin.

morningside/testimony meeting... awesome!!

in the woods reading scriptures and writing in our journals

the whole group

The Wellesley girls who went on the campout...the three blonds are the new first years and I adore them!

walking up to the monument and visitor's center

frolicking in this gorgeous field! with Krystyna... she was in Jerusalem with me so she is a seasoned jumping picture pro.

Photos from the Red Sox Game: I can't believe how lucky we got that Wellesley sold us cheap tickets for the second to last regular season Red Sox game! Man oh man I LOVE those BoSox! I went to the game with a bunch of friends and we had such a great time. We won 6-4. We were down 3-4 and JD Drew hit a homer with two men on right to us in the outfield (a few yards away from the Green Monstah). The game ended on a double play! I had such a good time with my arms around my friends belting out "Sweet Caroline" and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!"

This was right after JD hit the homer!

Sure love you all! Can't wait to see Saren and Shawni in Boston soon! I feel like this blog is really insincere and corny and shallow so I will work on that. But life has been so so so so so busy the past few weeks. It's kind of crazy but I love it!



  1. Oh Char I LOVE to hear what you're up to. I miss you! So glad you're having so much fun. I love the pictures and I'm so glad that you got a jumping one in.

  2. Wahoo! Great stuff chas. A lot of good fun. We can't wait to get up there soon to see you.

  3. charity! i sure love all the pictures on your blog. we miss you terribly at the moa! i think everyday one of us comments on you and miffy being gone. so when are you putting your mission papers in?

  4. charity! i sure hope you keep checking these comments. anyhow, yes i heard from Miffy. Her letter made me cry! and I am so excited for you to turn in your papers! you will be wonderful! just remember i warned you about how hard it can be! and when you get out there don't ever say i didn't warn you. we still miss you and I need your email address so i can write you stories that i can't ppost for everypone to read!