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on thanksgiving morning, i ran 10k at the walnut creek annual turkey trot! my roommate beth, dear friend steph, and some of our pals from east bay started the holiday off together at the race. it was raining and cold, and the run was so, so exhilarating. i kicked my usual pace up a notch and gave it all i had for 6.2 miles and it felt amaaaazing. as i ran i thought i about all the things i am thankful for this year and i sprinted across the finish line filled with the realization that i am such a blessed girl. what a happy, happy feeling.

i also screamed as i ran through a tunnel of foliage in the park. the orange pinks were the sweetest sting to the eyes. the runners around me were a little miffed by the yelling. but seriously. we don’t get much autumn color in the city, and so i loved seeing the leaves in walnut creek.

i felt so good after running, and that was quickly demolished by eating obscene amounts of food – but hey, that’s what thanksgiving is for right? feeling miserably full and huge? sure. i got to feast with some of my favourite people – my cousin ben and his family – and his wife’s extended family. i can’t believe i didn’t take a single picture. both the grub and the company were stellar.

feeling achingly awful and stuffed, i took a brisk walk around the neighborhood in fremont and called all my siblings to wish them a happy thanksgiving. the trees were popping with ruddy color, the sun peaked out, the air was perfectly crisp and i was tickled with goosebumps. i felt so awake and so aware of blessings. trite but true: i have so much to be thankful for.

i spent that evening eating pizza and pumpkin cookies with my friend katie, decorating and watching “you’ve got mail” in pjs. as if i couldn’t get any fuller – with food or with goodness for a thanksgiving day.


  1. Hey Charity, I am a reader from you sister Shawni's blog but I am moving to San Fran in February and I am so sad you are leaving! Reading about all your adventures in that city has gotten me so excited to move. I will be going to school @Cinta Aveda in the finacial district and my husband will be working on pier 39. I was just wondering where it is you go to yoga? Also if there are any MUST do's I need to know about.

    Jordan Wilson

  2. Your posts are great and this one is even better and funnier. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Keep up the good work!