it's christmastime!!!

i have been a month behind on blogging ever since i got back from britain. i'm itching to be caught up, so prepare yourself for a buttload of merry christmas (and mele kalikimaka) posts coming right up. i'll probably use the word magical an inordinate amount, but i just can't help myself.

i love christmastime. holy smokes i love christmastime.
here we go...

on december first a group of us went to see the san francisco symphony perform some holiday classics. it was an enchanting and sparkly evening (oooooh i love those) and a fantastic way to kick off the season. we got all fancy and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent music, magical ambiance of the tannenbaum filled symphony hall, and fantastic views from the balcony.
it was all just so lovely jubly. and the first glimmer of the spirit of christmas settled in to grow in my heart.


  1. Are you wearing POLKA DOT tights? love it! you're so awesome and I'm prepared for the buttload of posts (hoping they might even feature some of San Fran's gazillion Christmas trees because I loved seeing that last time!) That tree with the candy cane stripped enormous ribbons is pretty amazing, America - you put our English Christmas trees to shame that's for sure!
    ...and you got to spend pre Christmas in Hawaii - how cool is that! You get to spend December in Hawaii and California - my two favourite places on Earth so it's no wonder the word magical is going to feature so many times!! xxx

  2. I love your cardigan. really. you all look amazing.

  3. Truly magical! You look spectacular!