party gras


my old roomies in san francisco threw a party for mardi gras. i gathered a couple of friends to go up from palo alto on the night of fat tuesday, because i know it’s always a good time at a dollhouse bash. it felt like going home, and the party was super fun.


beth had devised a party game that included stealing mardi gras beads from anyone you successfully kissed on the face. that certainly kept things intereting! as you can see, i once had a pretty healthy amount of beads! too bad a kiss on the nose stole them away.


i made a mardi gras colored surprise cake for the party (you must know i loooove making colored cakes). it also doubled as the customary king’s cake. the tradition goes that the cake has a baby figurine in it (representing the baby jesus), and whoever gets the baby in their slice gets good luck and has to make the cake the next year. i couldn’t find any baby figurines, so i put a little army guy in my king’s cake. it was quite the hit when it was found – in the last slice we cut! there was also obscene amounts of other obscenely yummy found – beignets and jambalaya and multi-colored candy galore.


i sure miss living in that house and with these girls. i’m so glad that i’m close enough to not miss out on their epic parties!



  1. i love your colored cakes and your bright clothes! you = fun

  2. What fun! There just isn't a funner girl! I continue to be impressed with your cooking abilities! amazing!