what’s cookin’?


above (all pictures via pinterest):
mustard herb crusted pork loin//thai peanut curry//bacon and corn griddle cakes
spicy roasted broccoli // quinoa and chia seed corn muffins // baked beet chips
hawaiian pizza with cauliflower crust // salt and vinegar kale chips // pina colada smoothies
cajun avocado chicken // zucchini noodles with pesto and pine nuts // qunioa protein bars
brussel sprouts with balsamic reduction and cranberries // roasted salt and vinegar chick peas

i don’t know exactly what has gotten into me, but i am currently obsessed with cooking. finding and trying healthy and unique recipes has become a new hobby that takes up a lot of my time, and i just love it. i find so much authentic and happy satisfaction out of creating something tasty.

for recipes, follow me on pinterest. i have a general food board, a “food i’ve made” board and a “next up” board. the possibilities are endless, and i am loving it!


  1. OK I'm so excited! These look fantastic and especially your comments...awesome! Have a great week!

  2. Still having delicious dreams about that mustard herb pork you made, Charity! My tastebuds and I fully support this wonderful new hobby of yours :) xoxo

  3. char, hooray for us at the reunion this year! can't wait to sample some of your cooking. we need to live by each other so we can cook together.....

    love yoU!

  4. oh, and how do I follow you on Pinterest?