celebrating, part 2

birthday celebration #3
brittany and i drove up from palo alto to the city on thursday to meet my sf friends who had planned an evening of celebration. we had brunch for dinner at kelsey’s (believe me – her magic bacon is what we will eat in heaven) and then met up with my old roommates in hayes valley. i had been wanting to try smitten’s liquid-nitrogen-made ice cream ever since i started delivering shortbread there while working at batter bakery. and i was positively astonished by its yumminess. i ordered malted vanilla with orange clove caramel and almond brittle – and they even gave me a candle in my ice cream for a birthday wish! kelsey brought all kinds of accessories to help us celebrate :)

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the day light faded out and the city lights faded in, and i felt so happy to be with these girls and to be a year older. kelsey and steph took me, brittany and krystle to the pier at crissy field overlooking the city and the golden gate bridge for one last magical moment of celebration … they brought sparklers and a fire lantern for me to set off into the sky with a wish.

it was, well, quite an adventure to get the lantern lit, and after much ado we ended up burning a hole in the side. soooo, in a chaotic effort to get it over the water, the lantern ended up floating up for just a few seconds while i wished my wish so earnestly and then it slowly drifted into the water, extinguished by the bay. it was funny, and that moment is such a good memory already.

lantern1 lantern2 lantern3

my 25th year was so full, so wonderful, and so hard. all of the ups and downs are worthy of hearty celebration. i love being alive.


  1. Could there possibly be a woman who has had more fun during her 25th year? Add the hard stuff and it makes the year perfect! Hard is Good too!

    Love seeing you with these terrific friends. Such great light!

  2. I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends who've helped you celebrate so beautifully and that you're in a place so full of amazing food, amazing vistas, and amazing ambiance. I love you!
    P.S. it's sort of killing me that my baby sister is 25. I still feel like I should be 25.

  3. Hey Charity! Happy Birthday! I love this blog! I am from Santa Clara but currently living in Nashville. Reading your tales makes me miss home, but I'm so happy someone loves it like I do! Loved reading your SF post, how I love that city!! Also, I went with my mom and sisters to Filoli a few summers ago. Following your adventures is an adventure in itself! Thanks for sharing!