family pictures

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 54527

my dad is a quirky guy. first, he suggested and then insisted that we take our family photo in front of a random old house that’s on the way to church in the awesome po-dunk town of dingle, idaho. (yes, eventually the people that live there came home to find forty-one smiling eyres on their lawn…)

then, he announced that he wanted some pictures with just his wife and nine children, and that we each were supposed to make a different pose while my niece photographer snapped away.

at first not many gave in to making wacky poses…

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 546022012-07-15 Bear Lake 54597

but eventually we realized (as we have in so many other situations throughout the years) that dad wasn’t giving up on doing things his kooky way…

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 54609

so we struck poses.

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 54604

i even got everyone to do my signature squat pose with me for the final frame!

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 54619

we sure love that stubborn, odd fellow.

after wonderful church meetings (we had a family testimony meeting outside and then about doubled the sacrament meeting congregation) we had lunch and spiritual discussions and relaxed overlooking the lake. tal and anita gave us a special surprise – eyrealm family picture puzzles!

bear lake bests

we had a little princess (plus batman!) fashion show after dinner.

IMG_0707bear lake bests-001IMG_0725

i am so blessed with a heart overflowing with love for this group.

2012-07-15 Bear Lake 54532


  1. Hi Charity,
    Julie from the UK here. I read your blog regulary & you always uplift me. Thank you so much:)

    I bet the owner(s) of the house were surprised to see all those people in his front garden! Was he (or they) ok about it?

    Would it be possible sometime to tell me all the names & ages of your brothers & sisters? I get confused after about the 4th one:)

    I'm in Bracknell ward by the way, Reading stake.

    I look forward to reading more about the reunion.

    The olympics start here tomorrow with the opening ceremony.

    Take care & cheerio for now.

  2. Me again:). What's a po-dunk house/town?

    Meant to say - great pix. Did Elle take them? She's very talented at photography, just like her Mum.

  3. cute family and cute charity.

  4. Those pics are pretty darn fun and funny. As usual, Dad was right, which he is about 50% of the time!