in praise of salt lake city

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i really love my hometown. it seems like every time i’ve returned there in the past couple of years i have truly loved it more.

salt lake city is so familiar in my bones. the angles of the mountains, the blue of the sky, the wideness of the streets, the dry smell of the air. but also, in other ways, a lot of the city feels so new to me – like a place i would relish exploring. this combination of native and novel intrigues me and endears me to that spot on the globe.

while i was in salt lake last week, i stayed downtown in my parent’s condo in the very heart of the city – a heart that seems to be beating so boldly to me. my soul-friends dani and keri came for a sleepover. we walked across the street to temple square – wandered and chatted wrapped up in the perfection of a utah summer night. we laid on the grass as the temple grew brighter and brighter against the cobalt sky. i felt a shimmering, strong love for my hometown as a place where i feel so safe yet also so curious.

i had lunch with my childhood best friend at my absolute favorite salt lake restaurant – homey and rooted, and breakfast with another beloved friend at a sweet café i’ve never seen before – compelling and new.

salt lake city is a gem. i think that there might be more life waiting there for me, that eighteen wasn’t the end.


  1. What restaurants were they? I'm always looking for new places!

  2. Hey Charity! first time commenter! I'm going to be in Salt Lake City in september for 4 days...I would love a little tour guide from you! kinda like the one you did for San Francisco? Loved it!
    If you ever come back to Europe I can be your guide!