sarsie & husband visit sf

my soul friend sara and her husband matt came to san francisco from oregon last weekend. it was so good to see them. on saturday night we ate at burma superstar (a sf tradition for sara and i) and on sunday we met for a bit at mt. davidson overlooking the city.

IMG_4602IMG_4611 2

sara is pretty much my favourite. her friendship is a jewel of my life. and she sure married a keeper. sara and matt are moving to japan in january. obviously, i’m already scheming up a visit.

i love those lohmeiers so much.


  1. Hi Charity,

    my name is eliza and first off i love your blog! you really take advantage of where you live!! i was referred to your blog through a friend. and now that i have found you- maybe you don't remember but my sister, caitlin swaner creer, went on a few dates with your brother, and i think the two of you became good friends. small world eh?

    anyways, i see that you are a busy bee here in the bay area, and i recently moved here to palo alto and my parents are coming into town and would LOVE any and all recommendations for places we must see or things we must see! they are here for a week, and staying in SF on the weekend.

    thanks so much! my e-mail is and seriously anything is greatly appreciated!

  2. Small world! Sara is my husbands cousin. Funny.


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