a cemetery and a street of shops

we had a few free hours in new orleans after our last day of workshops at the virtual school symposium before we had to head to the airport. i really wanted to see one of the city’s unique cemeteries and also take a stroll down magazine street, which i heard was charming and full of new orleans color. so i headed out under the beating hot sun to explore on my own. i was so tired but i loved what i saw.

since new orleans is built on a swamp, it’s against the law to bury the dead, so all cemeteries are full of above-ground crypts. i think these old, slightly creepy spaces are so fascinating. apparently the “xxx” on the tombs has something to do with voodoo spells. there was such an interesting eerie feeling there.
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magazine street is lined with all kind of super neat shops. i rode the bus to the end and then walked the whole length back towards the hotel. i loved peeking in at the antiques and the quirky sales. the plantation houses decorated for halloween and the new orleans saints were also so fun to see. it was so hot.
IMG_0978IMG_0981 IMG_0983 IMG_0992IMG_0995
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when i got back to the hotel it was time to go to the airport and leave new orleans. i’m so glad i got to see that cool, cool city.


  1. So fun to see this after being there twice this year! I think New orleans is always decked for Halloween. Pretty wild and crazy place. So unique!


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