wednesday was my last day on maui. noah and kristi and kids had left, but my mom and dad had just arrived! we drove up haleakala crater in the morning. the views were spectacular, and much too spectacular for iphone pictures to adequately capture.
photo (25)the change in vegetation and color while winding up the peak is amazing. did you know that counting the underwater bits, haleakala is taller than mount everest? true story.photo (30)at the top we could see the whole island of maui, the tops of mauna kea and mauna loa on the big island, and lots of clouds and sea. it was super sunny and (apparently very uncharacteristically) warm!photo (29)photo (26)photo (21)it was so neat to look down into the crater and learn a little bit about volcanoes from the rangers. photo (15)hawaii bestsphoto (18)we had brunch on the patio at grandma’s, a mint green hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the side of the road on the way down the mountain. i picked up cam and elsie from school, gave last hugs and then headed to the airport.
six days on maui topped off on the top of the island.
it was a pretty good thanksgiving long weekend….i guess….!!!


  1. It was so fun to overlap! Thanks for thinking of this last journey. It was a day to remember!


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