sunday morning deep into the island

on sunday morning we drove up the side of haleakala crater to this golden pathed forest.
lyla gathered all kinds of treasures in her pink bucket. we added fresh wild raspberries to the booty.
it definitely felt like we weren’t on a tropical island anymore. i love these cousin sets:
such an unexpectedly gorgeous spot.

after church we cooked together and ate together and talked and played.
in the morning we ate jonah’s fresh bread with homemade lilikoi jam and grabbed some oranges off the tree to juice into liquid gold. we turned on music and danced in the tiny living room as the hawaii sun streamed in the windows.
isn’t that wonderful?


  1. That IS wonderful! We went to that forest on our way to the airport. It's magical! Love these cousin sets too! Nothing like cousins!

  2. Hi Charity -

    Beautiful pics! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving!!

    I just realized that in all your posts you wear dresses or skirts - no pants or shorts, even on the casual "adventures".

    I was wondering, is that part of your religious beliefs or just a personal preference?

    You always look great, by the way!


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