california eyres

forcharity-2 forcharity
the boy and i cooked sunday dinner^^                      while noah and lyla chilled in bed ^^
luckily those face masks allowed them to come down and eat with us without infecting everyone!
we had a good time hanging out after the kids were in bed.
on saturday we had thai take-out (instead of going on our previously-planned-before-the-flu
double date) and on sunday we shared pictures and had great conversations.
on monday noah and lyla were feeling well enough to get out of the house! we went to a park overlooking the city down to the pacific ocean. noah even felt good enough for a karate kick jumping picture!
i love these guys so much. it was so worth the 9+ hour drive there and back to get in some noah/kristi/mckay/lyla/cubby/bennett time. california eyres unite.


  1. you rule Char!! it was A BLAST having you down here. thanks so much for all your help you guys were life savers.

  2. awesome Char! Thanks for sharing. Now we need you two to come to DC.

  3. So, so fun to catch up. Love you!


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