the second day of christmas

we had a mock-christmas-morning since noah and kristi and their kids had to leave on the 23rd.
photo (123)photo (124)photo (25) copy 2 photo (26) copy
we had a gingerbread making party and contest
(do you think my award by my dad the judge says anything
about his encouragement for me to get married already?)
photo (28) copy photo (39) photo (29)photo (30)
we had a birthday party for kristi. love her so much.
photo (38)IMG_2401
we beheld this sunset on our way down to temple square.
while a lot of the photos in this post have been edited, the one below is actually how it really looked.
photo (40)
we braved the crowds at temple square to see the lights. a christmastime tradition never to be missed.
photo (41)photo (42)
we even made a christmas-tree-pyramid and sang some carols,
just like we did a few years ago on 5th avenue in new york city.
photo (44) photo (43)
days that are quite nearly christmas for four days before the real deal? i’ll take it.


  1. Charity, I read your blog all the time - you are awesome!! I have a quick question for you. We are going to be taking our 16 year old granddaughter with us to San Francisco in February. What are the top 3 things you would suggest that we see or do while there with our granddaughter?

    Thanks!! Kim Radford


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