east and west as the earth turns

we rushed from mission street art across the golden gate bridge to point bonita to meet our friends alex & nicole for sunset & moonrise. on full moon days, the golden gate recreation area keeps the lighthouse at the tip of point bonita open for special visitors. it was extremely windy and completely freezing, but the experience was quite incredible and truly magical. we watched the sun set in the west and then turned around to watch the moon rise in the east. the sea was surging in the wind and the beams of the lighthouse, sun and moon all combined for a spectacular hour or so on the edge of the earth. we watched and felt the planet turn.

the full moon was breathtaking. and the ocean was heaving and and the city was sparkling
and the bridge was gleaming and the sky was evolving and the wind was bonechilling!
IMG_9780IMG_9789 IMG_9792IMG_9767IMG_9808

{some photos from nicole}
coit tower + hyde street ships + mission street art + point bonita sunset/moonrise … not a bad saturday!


  1. What a post! What a Saturday is right! Love the poetry, especially..."we felt the earth turn". Magical!

  2. Love this post. I'm also so excited about the boy! Most importantly, however, I'm excited that you were apparently on a date with Nicole and Alex! Nicole and I were roommates in college! Hope all is well.


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