i’m such a sucker for this stuff

i have this thing about free food. i just really love it. i can’t keep away from it. and when i find it, i milk it for all it’s worth.

if i go to a work event and there are hors d’oeuvers, i try as many as possible. when i’m at home with my mom’s stocked pantry, i eat six meals a day. you better believe i’m cleaning up those chips and salsa at some party and getting seconds at a sunday dinner i’ve been invited to!

last weekend, i saw an ad for free yogurt and toppings at yougurtland from 4-7pm on monday in honor of national frozen yogurt day. so naturally at 4pm i drove my coworker up the freeway to the closest yogurtland and fit an incredible amount of yogurt in the little cup they gave us. the next morning, the executive assistant at my office informed me that it was national pancake day and ihop was giving out free pancakes! so naturally i went to ihop for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed my completely free buttermilk short stack. i made sure to use as much syrup as possible.

yogurtland ihop

last night i went to a tasting with a caterer that we are looking into using for my work’s big fifth anniversary gala coming up in march. this time, it was not only my uncontrollable desire to take advantage of free food that encouraged me to gorge – we obviously had to try everything for the sake of the gala!

(maybe needless to say), all i feel like eating for the next five days is green smoothies.
i think this is one example of where my take full advantage of every single thing in life mentality has become actually quite detrimental…?


  1. Posts like this make me wish we were friends in real life. Oh man, you are too funny!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Yogurtland!!!
    Wish we had some here in Washington. And I'm all about free food! ;)

  3. The pancakes look lovely:) Just a reminder for you - it's Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) next Tuesday here in the UK. I know you enjoy British traditions, so thought maybe you could have some too:)

    The traditional toppings for pancakes are lemon & sugar - or sugar & lemon:) I like golden syrup on mine too - it's a bit like maple syrup so not quite as rich.

    Anyway, enjoy pancake day if you can.

    Your blog is brill:)
    Best wishes from Julie, Bracknell ward, Reading stake.

  4. Hi ex-local girl (Reading)! Yes, treat yourself to pancake day. Lemon and sugar is the best :-)

  5. Remember all those free meals we got as interns? The best.


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