the big night

photo (53)

after much anticipation and work, the big night came – innosight institute’s fifth anniversary gala (where we started the process of rebranding as the clayton christensen institute for disruptive innovation). it was an incredible evening – everything came together so well and i felt outrageously privileged to be a part of this team of uber-smart people truly changing the world.


more pictures to come – until then ignore how i look in the team picture above. the photographer had just cracked a joke! but wow do i feel blessed to work with all these brilliant people.


  1. Nice Char! Excited to hear more about it!

  2. You look great! It's a Rick Eyre pose of "everybody laugh!"

    I love that you work with girls older than me! It makes me feel so young.

    Did you bring a date?

    I got you a present, btw. Have to figure out how to get it to you... I think I'll send it with Josh to give to you in AZ. In exchange, you have to FaceTime with us sometime.

  3. Good work at getting this up so fast! Looks spectacular! LOVE this picture of you! I'm writing from the plane to Bogata. Email a quick message if you can. I'll be on for an hour!


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