tj’s faves

i’ve been seeing some “top ten from trader joe’s” type lists out there and it’s got me thinking about how much i love trader joe’s. there are such unique, fantastic food items on those shelves. here are my faves. and the best part about tj’s is that there’s so many more good finds that i haven’t found!

almond butter almonds
^ tj’s almond butter is perfect … with greek yogurt, frozen blended bananas, or just by the spoonful! ^
^^ those marcona almonds are so incredibly delicious. i hardly ever buy them because i’ll eat the entire bag in one sitting. they are great for a classy party snack! the hint of rosemary is just divine. ^^
dressing hummus
^ that salad dressing makes any salad so so yummy. i also use it as a dipping sauce / marinade. ^
^^ i’m obsessed with this flavorful hummus. it’s delicious on raw veggies or mixed into sauces. ^^
just mango mango mochi
^ just mango slices is my #1 trader joe’s recommendation. i buy a pack pretty much every time i go grocery shopping. they taste like gummy candy to me, but are 100% just mango! look for slices that are really orange for the rippest. ^
^^ the mochi ice cream balls are luscious – i love love love them when i need a treat. the other flavors are nice, but mango is the best. ^^
sausage turkey meatballs
^ there are about seven different flavors of cooked chicken sausage at trader joe’s, and every one is delicious! i’ve put this sausage in pasta, salads, eggs, stir frys, soups, you name it! great way to beef something up. ^
^^ i just tried these turkey meatballs for the first time and they are fantastic. quick and easy. try them with some of that cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing drizzled on top! ^^
salsa verde honey mints 
^ that salsa verde is just right. i put several spoonfuls in my scrambled eggs or over my meat. ^
^^ a treat that’s not really a treat – the honey mints have only three ingredients (none of which is sugar) and they are so super yummy and refreshing! a perfect little goodie. ^^

also, i love the design and color on the reusable bags i bought at trader joes! i’m always happy with what’s inside and outside the tote.
tell me about your tj’s faves in a comment!


  1. Perfect! I LOVE Trader Joe's and am so bummed that the closest one to me is an hour away in Salt Lake. Next time I go I'll ave to try some of your recommendations. I also love their mini peanut butter cups. Delicious!!

  2. The dried banana is soooo good! Also the canned corn!

  3. Thank you! I need a list of things to try next time I go!

  4. Charity:
    The freeze dried strawberries (in a bright red aluminum like resealable bag (bright strawberries printed all over the bag) are incredible. I've tried several brands of dried strawberries--TJ's are by far the best.

    TJ also carries mini packets of peeled garlic cloves---these were wonderful, plus they stayed fresh for a very long time in the fridge.

    Tj's Tzadiski (spelling..argh...) a yogurt and cucumber dip is amazing too.

    Lastly, TJ's sliced yogurt cheese is wonderful too.

    Thank you so much for your TJ recs. I look forward to trying 10 new items.
    Take care,

  5. Balsamic creme is to die for AND the trail mix with just almonds, cashews and dark chocolate :).

  6. Yum! Thanks for the suggestions. I now have a few more things to grab on my next visit. I will say, a not as healthy, but ridiculously yummy tj find is "Cookie Butter." So delicious!