an evening in sf with jane and max!

last week, my since-forever best friend came to visit the bay! i was so glad to be able to spend an evening in the city with jane and her sweet baby boy max. jane and i have been friends since we were max’s age. we’ve seen each other through every single chapter of life. i have always been and will always be tremendously glad to have this girl as my bff.

we went to the ferry building and had dinner together, reminiscing on our memories together in san francisco. i decided to move to the city by the bay after a trip with jane three and a half years ago – and jane got engaged on that same trip (!!), then moved to the city a couple of months before i did. it was dreamy to live there at the same time, and i’ve been missing her ever since! (although i didn’t much mind visiting her in singapore!)

image_1 image_3

it was a delight to catch up and to snuggle max, and it was magic watching the bay lights together after dinner.


love them.

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