look at the sky!

several of my mission companions would attest that a classic sister eyre-ism was “look at the sky!”

i would often stop dead in my tracks in between doors we were knocking or on the way to an appointment and ask my companion to revel in the beauty of changing light and color in the firmament with me.

there’s something about the sky – so dynamic and oscillating, so wide and deep – that just invigorates me, opens up my spirit, helps me feel. every moment of every day i can gaze into its infinity and understand a little more my own infinity.

the current length of days has made for wonderful sunrises on my morning commute. as i drive down the 101, the clouds move and graduate from hue to hue and the sun makes its way ever so slowly over the east hills.

image (5)
isn’t that a nice windshield crack there? i decided to keep my trashed-up stolen-then-recovered car and drive it until it goes caput. last weekend i sterilized it from hood to trunk and now instead of pot it smells like pina colada! it’s all kinds of battered, but somehow i am endeared to it a little. it has and will continue to get me through.

watching beauty in the sky on the way to work has been a beautiful tender mercy for me the past couple of weeks. a few days the beauty has lingered longer into the morning, and i’ve amused the students at my school with my adulation of the sky.

my aunt calls pretty little tidbits like a lovely sunrise “a kiss on the cheek from god.” i love that.

i love the perspective of the sky.