serendipitous wedding reunion

there are some people in my life – especially from my childhood – that i will just always and forever love and hold tender and dear, no matter distance in time and space. it is truly amazing how the years go by but a supple part of my heart connected with old friendships is totally unchanging.

i loved being able to spend some time with a few of those always-beloved last weekend in utah! for the past couple of months i was feeling so sad that i was going to miss erin’s wedding on october 12. when my grandma’s funeral was scheduled for october 14, i immediately saw the serendipity of timing and asked erin if she could change my rsvp and squeeze me in to the celebrations.

erin and i have been friends for over fifteen years and have so many memories together. even though we haven’t been in close touch since high school, we just have a lifelong bond. it was an honor and a joy to be at her gorgeous sundance wedding – the outdoor ceremony with the stunning backdrop of the mountains at their foliage peak and the chic and lovely reception and dinner. i wish i had more pictures – it really was dreamy.

photo 1 photo 3

i just felt so happy in that corner of my heart that will always be for this beautiful bride and forever friend.

it was also so fun to see other old friends, especially lexi (in the middle in the picture above), who i’ve known since third grade and was inseparable from up into middle school. when i close my eyes i can trace my mind through all the rooms in lexi’s parents’ house, remembering so many childhood memories. there were a couple other people at the wedding from high school and we were giggling pretty good reminiscing.

photo 2

erin, mallory and i had a sleepover together pretty much every single friday for our last two years of high school. we have shared so so many laughs. life has brought us different places, but i am completely confident that we will always, always be dear friends. it was perfectly wonderful to celebrate erin’s new marriage together, and i drove home through the dark canyon feeling truly grateful and glad.

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  1. So happy about these great relationships. Beautiful girls! Love those memories!