a happy halloween

yesterday morning in the cafeteria during breakfast time, some students and i danced to thriller together.  it has been a really wild and rough week at school for me, but i just fell more in love with my students as the electrifying buzz of halloween filled campus, and my heart was happy. i could hardly contain my excitement as the students changed into their costumes in the afternoon. it was so fun to see them all dressed up, and to show off my sparkly get-up, too. we had a party in the cafeteria with lots of yummy mexican and vietnamese food and a costume contest.

after school, i went to josephine (aka miss frizzle)'s to help her prepare her halloween dinner party. it was delightful to decorate and cook and then enjoy the party together!
 then, i went to a party in my neighborhood thrown by some really fantastic girlfriends of mine. it was an outstanding halloween party, truly. the hostesses did an incredible job with the decor and food, and tons of people came, dressed in really genuinely good costumes. i loved seeing friends and dancing hard. i haven't had that much just pure party fun in a long time. it's not very often lately that i relish being single, but last night at that monster mash i just felt a carefree, young happiness that felt good in my bones. i was sparkly on the outside and in.
(you can't really tell in these pictures, but i used two whole cans of spray sparkles and had amazing silvery false eyelashes on.)
it really was a happy halloween!


  1. I'm so glad you had some good, carefree, being single fun! And I love all the sparkles for your Halloween costume!

  2. Very good party. you are looking fab and also very good dress and costume.

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  3. excellent Halloween dress. all looks so cute and beautiful. specially dress up.