things i am loving lately

-my new pajama pants from target. they are these ridiculous colorful wool leggings. they are so so cozy and the minute i get home i pull them on.

-herbal tea. i seriously have about eight cups a day. it's always so chilly when i get to work at 7:15 and i quickly turn on the kettle. at home, i love to put some vanilla almond milk in my beloved bengal spice tea and have a cup of vanilla sleepytime tea before bed.

-my middle schoolers. man, i've had some wild adventures with them lately, but i just like them all so much. we are having student government elections today and hearing their darling speeches and debates has been very fun. last week i did some subbing nearly every day and it was so so challenging and exhausting, but i got a stack of apology letters from one seventh grade class that were delightfully amusing and endearing, and little moments along the way during hard days have been awesome. a couple of weeks ago i went to six flags with a hundred and fifty students and that was pretty fantastic.

-this pumpkin granola that i made. it is so so so delicious and sure gets me out of bed in my early mornings.

-watching downton abbey on tuesday nights with michelle and brittany. we steal season four from england (where it is currently airing) and cuddle up on the couch and react together and it's delightful.

-the recent time change. it's light when i wake up, and the sun sets on my commute home.

-third nephi. i love love reading about the saviour's physical ministry on the american continent. woah, there is some beautiful stuff in those chapters.

-sunday school and relief society. we have had such amazing lessons the past few weeks. i feel incredibly motivated to be better when i leave church. i am surrounded by really smart and faithful and interesting peers.

-cafe coupa and calafia cafe. i've found two eating spots in palo alto that i just love. they are both very cozy and charming and the food is so california fresh. i enjoyed with josephine and brittany at these places last week.

-a new duvet cover and towels. i just decided it was time for a refresh, and it's amazing what a couple of new colorful home items can do to refresh.

-this song. i love the vibe of it.

-the amazing girls in my neighborhood. we had a "east fall feast" for all the girls in our east palo alto relief society on sunday. the spread was delicious and the company was even better. my friends that live near me are really extraordinary women and i am grateful for their goodness touching me.

-autumn in palo alto. turns out if you just wait into november, some pretty awesome colors come out! i've loved driving through my town's pretty streets as the ruddy, slanty light turns the world golden.

fall things considered, life is good.


  1. I love autumn too, the trees look so pretty.

    Happy Firework Night (Guy Fawkes Night) from the UK:)

  2. Loved these details. Have to try that pumpkin granola! It may be autumn there but it's winter here in Utah. Big time!

    Have a wonderful Guy Fawkes celebration this weekend!

  3. How do you steal Downton Abbey?? I don't want to wait til January to watch it??

  4. pssst maria: