a heaven-sent serendipity

it just so happened that my sister saren and her family were in southern california the same saturday as me! they had just finished a cruise that left from and returned to long beach, so we made plans to meet up in san diego. it was so great to be able to spend some time with them after my race. i love these looslis so so so!

we went to pt. loma (how have i never been there before in other trips to san diego?? it is absolutely breathtaking – views of the vast ocean on one side and the city and mountains on the other – blew me away), some cool tidepools, and the sea lion beach in la jolla.
{somehow there’s no pictures of jared or ashton! but they were there too.}

IMG_20140208_135010325_HDRphoto 1 (43)IMG_20140208_134354027IMG_20140208_142050527_HDR IMG_20140208_142837620photo 2 (43)IMG_20140208_152631583IMG_20140208_153959296IMG_20140208_170639305IMG_20140208_171918445_HDRphoto 5 (31)

golden hour was delicious, and the sunset was so lush. saren and i are the bookends of our family – oldest and youngest – and i love that we get to be such beloved sisterfriends will all those siblings in between. she’s the most amazing woman, i tell you. love love loved being with her and her family – that saturday afternoon was a heaven-sent serendipity.


  1. I've been blessed to live here my entire life (except for school & my mission) and the lighthouse is my most favorite spot in all of SD!!!! It's it just breathtakingly gorgeous!??!? I could sit up there for hours and stare at the vast ocean and beautiful city that I love!! Glad you found your way up there!!

  2. If you like the view from the lighthouse, you might enjoy the view from Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. You should try that next time.

  3. Please tell me her real name is not Serendipity. Although it wouldn't surprise me.

  4. You look so pretty in that last picture, Charity!