kaua’i 3

we spent our tuesday on kaua’i scuba diving, driving through waimea canyon, and of course, eating shave ice (we tried for multiple servings per day while we were in hawaii…).IMG_1144 IMG_1140 
we went diving at 8am and then again at 7pm! the boy recently got certified, so it was super fun to go together. we saw some really neat things (lots of turtles!) during the day dive, and the night dive was such a spectacular experience! i was pretty scared about swimming around the deep ocean surrounded by dark abyss before we went under, but once we descended i absolutely loved everything about it. we saw so many incredible colors with our flashlights and lots of creatures that weren’t out during the day. for sure my favourite part was when we all knelt on the ocean floor, turned off our lights and swung our arms around….because we saw bioluminescence! tiny organisms lit up by our movement danced through the black sea around us – like fireflies in a night cave. it was soooo magical!

in between drives we explored waimea canyon – breathtaking.IMG_2787IMG_2798IMG_2799
^^ see the copter? it was fun to think about how that was us the day before! ^^
the lookout points over the na pali coast at the end of the canyon road were pretty covered in fog but we patiently waited for the wind to push things around and loved the gorgeous views down to the sea!
we had an adventure down a dirt road to get to the westernmost beach on kaua’i. it was really windy but sooo pristinely gorgeous, and almost totally secluded!IMG_2863IMG_2865
^^ probably the best picture from our trip. am i right? that’s a good selfie. ^^

we spent our wednesday in kaua’i pretty exclusively in this spot (yes, we know we are reallllly white):IMG_2880IMG_2882IMG_2890
the resort we stayed at gave us a day in a little beach cabana as a honeymoon gift! we just reeeeelaxed, occasionally leaving our spot just to jump in the ocean or take a dip in the pool (or, okay, to ride the waterslide with a bunch of 5-8 year olds…). we had lunch brought to us, read books, chatted, and napped, and then were treated to a nice lil heavenly sunset. we hiked up to the top of the rocks overlooking the ocean to watch, then walked back to our room to change for dinner under the darkening night sky stamped with palm tree silhouettes.
IMG_2892IMG_2898IMG_2899IMG_2907IMG_2916 IMG_2903

i was texting with a friend at the airport on our way home from our honeymoon, and she asked me “was it just dreamy?!” and i said, “ummm, no.” we had a fantastic time (and there were some suuuuuper dreamy parts!), and we were soooo grateful to be able to go to such a magical place together. but… it stunk quite a bit that the boy had to take a few hours to work each day, and things didn’t always work out as planned, and we had some pretty good honeymoon fights. we have a lot to learn from each other, and what a blessing that is.

on thanksgiving thursday morning, we island hopped to maui to spend the holiday with my brother and his family! that’s coming next ;)


  1. I love how real you are at the end. But according to your pictures, it definitely looked like it was dreamy! :)

  2. Thanks for keeping it real!

  3. haha. dreamy is overrated ;). love you!

  4. I had a few of those honeymoon fights - over stupid pizza and a sailboat. But now they are some of those unforgettable classic moments in our marriage that we laugh about. Marriage is so wonderful and hard and the same time - - even on your honeymoon:)

  5. Charity, How do you take all the pictures of you and the boy together? You have your arms around each other so I'm assuming they aren't selfies. Do you just stop random tourists and ask them to snap a picture of the two of you or is there a secret to doing this yourself? I'd love to know. I love your blog and your enthusiasm for life. Congratulations on finding "the boy"! M.

  6. Gorgeous pictures!

  7. Your husband looks so masculine- no wonder you're head over heals!

  8. Honeymoon fights are the very best!! We battled over who's garments were longer?? Really deep stuff!! Then in our huff we rear ended someone…nice! Enjoy the "dreamy" and the "not" moments, because that is what life is all about!! 22 years later, and we still laugh at it all..Glad the weather was beautiful!!

  9. I forgot how beyond beautiful that place is! Your camera is eons better than ours was when we were there! So great to capture all that beauty! Remind me to tell you about our honeymoon fight in Hawaii. So funny!


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