top 14 of '14

i still can't believe it's two thousand fifteen! this week the boy was out of town until thursday, and then we spent a quite lazy weekend just being together. so we've had some time to think about the year gone by, full of miracles and heartache and triumph and challenges and wonder.

two thousand fourteen really was a crazy, crazy year of life for me. i feel like i maybe say this most years, but i really don't think this one can be trumped in the lowest of lows and the highest of highs yet. the joy certainly outweighs the sorrow though, and here are my top memories of joy for the year:

one - in january, my sister saydi surprised me with a spontaneous visit. i was tremendously touched by her willingness to fly across the country and be with me when i really, really needed her. we had a pretty glorious weekend.

two - in february, i ran a half marathon in san diego and it was an incredibly triumphant experience for me. i felt like i was running through pain and winning, independently and with god. i broke my previous half marathon time by one minute and eight seconds.
three - at the end of january, i visited my dearest friend sara down in california's central coast and at the end of february i backpacked into such a beautiful spot at point reyes with friends. both trips were full of healing that comes from nature and from friendship.
pt reyes
four - in march, i traveled to bali with my parents, eight siblings, and seven siblings-in-law. of course it was such an epic, dreamy, wonderful, magical week.

five - the hugely enriching experience of teaching thirty-eight eighth graders completely changed my life forever. it was super grueling work that challenged me in amazing ways, and my heart was deeply impacted by the relationships i built with my students. eighth grade graduation was one of the best days i've ever known.

six - volunteering as an ordinance worker in the oakland temple this year was a ginormous blessing to my spirit and soul. i met beautiful people, received genuine revelation, felt a unique and sweet closeness to heaven and separation from the world, and was strengthened spiritually in rich ways.

seven - in april, i spent my spring break in arizona and utah with people i love and adore so very much. this trip was rejuvenating and chock full of the beauty of the natural earth and the beauty of human relationships.

eight - the return of the boy was a gorgeous lesson in healing, forgiveness, seeking heavenly help, and true true true love. it was truly miraculous and a sacred, eternal experience.

nine - on june fourteenth, the boy and i watched the transcendently beautiful sunset at glacier point
in yosemite, and i told him i was sure we should get married. on june thirtieth, the boy and i watched a spectacularly beautiful sunset at point alava on the olympic peninsula, and he knelt and asked me to marry him - and i said yes! (three times)

ten - in july, we spent time at both the eyre and wright family reunions in idaho. both were superb.
eleven - in the months leading up to our wedding, we celebrated at lovely showers thrown by family and friends, and i had quite a few nights that were quite sleepless just because of the sheer excitement and pure happiness resonating through my body.

twelve - our wedding was perfect. and magical and wonderful and lovely and beautiful and so fun and so special and dreamy and right. celebrations in texas and palo alto were delicious icing on the divine cake.

thirteen - our mini-honeymoon in deer valley was heavenly and our delayed-honeymoon in kauai was paradisal. and waking up next to each other every day is some amazing type of bliss.

fourteen - in december, we celebrated christmas together, which was so very sweet, and took an epic christmastime roadtrip to four cities to visit five siblings, which was super fun.

yep, quite a year!


  1. What a year!
    What I noticed throughout it all was the love....even during the difficult times- you had people surround you with love. What a blessing. You also tried to find ways to heal your heart- by being active, and involved. You ran, you took trips, you served in the didn't allow your sorrow to swallow you up (even though I'm sure sometimes it felt that way). I have been so inspired by you.
    I am happy for your happy ending to 2014- your marriage and the married life. Wishing you an amazing 2015!

  2. Superb synopsis of an unforgettable year! Love having all those memories in one place!

  3. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)


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