death valley, palm springs, and ladera ranch

visiting death valley national park feels a little bit like going to another planet. the landscape is wild!
this place is called “artist’s palette.” the minerals in the rock make it so colorful!:IMG_4612
IMG_4615IMG_4618 IMG_4630 IMG_4623
we spent a lot of times on roads like this – long stretches of asphalt lined with quirky badlands and lots of dust:
hiking up “golden canyon” to the “red cathedral”:
IMG_4652 IMG_4649IMG_4659IMG_4660
sand dunes for daaaaays:
IMG_4671 IMG_4675IMG_4681
and a big crater:
”scotty’s castle” right in the middle of the desolation:
IMG_4688 IMG_4689IMG_4692
and one last view of the wide expanse of the hottest (recorded temperature on record in the world!), driest (spot in all of the usa), lowest (point in the western hemisphere) valley:

from death valley, we drove to palm springs, where my brothers and dad had gathered for a f&ffe (fathers and future fathers of eyrealm!) get-together. my favourite boys in all the world graciously let me sleep over at their rental house since we got in so late. i left ian and took off in the morning, and they have since been playing and watching a lot of tennis and surely having some awesome conversations, and probably some real good burgers.IMG_8918IMG_3008

and i’ve spent the past few days in ladera ranch at my brother noah’s home with his wife and kids and with my sister shawni and her four girls! the pothiers just played with us for an evening, overnight, a sunday morning and first hour of church before they had to head back to arizona, but it was so fun to have all these kids together!

amidst all this road tripping, i got a nasty sinus infection, so although it has been so great to hang out with kristi, mckay, lyla, cubby, bennett, and shelby, my body has been feeling super crummy. here’s to hoping that everything clears up before we leave for our big trip in just six days!!


  1. The photo of your nephew holding your niece, and the way she is nestled into him is precious. Really really sweet.

  2. Yay! A nice anonymous comment! ;). Have a wonderful trip! I'm envious of your energy and determination. You are definitely living your best life!

  3. So fun to see this since I couldn't be there! Death Valley? Looks awesome! Looks as though you had a great time with the Noah and Kristi kids. They are so awesome! So are you!

  4. It sure looks like you are soaking in all family and home experiences you can get, before you are starting on your big adventure.
    I wish you all the best!


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