in other news… we’re moving!

{i am writing this post from the abu dhabi airport. we got out of nepal without any transportation issues, but with aching hearts for that incredible country, wishing so much we could help more. it’s 2:27am here, and my attempts to sleep on the ground in this verrrrry over airconditioned terminal are proving fruitless. there’s the exhilarating and picturesque part of traveling, and then there’s lots of bits like this :) }


when the boy and i got married, we knew we’d be moving some place new together within our first year. he was finishing up his phd and applying for jobs, and i was considering my next career move. we both felt in our bones that our time in the bay area, although so beloved and cherished, was drawing to a close. we explored opportunities in several cities in the united states and several cities abroad (yes, our trip to europe in january was tied to job interviews). we felt extremely blessed to have amazing options, and the final decision was difficult! we made a spreadsheet with ten or so different categories connected to job opportunities, lifestyle, etc., ranked each location, totaled, weighed and averaged, compared scores to the feelings of our hearts, prayed and prayed at home, at church, at the temple and many other places, and at last felt very confident and excited about our choice.

in late july, we will be moving…




i have a very special spot in my heart for england, and i am so excited to really explore its capital, undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on earth. the boy and i are super looking forward to doing a lot of exploring around europe, building an entirely new and quite foreign life together, and taking the next steps for our careers and our family.

we both feel very privileged to have the opportunity make this move, and look forward to sharing our new adventures across the pond!

{artwork by joreyhurley & 2DScrumptious}


  1. I don't think I've ever posted but I just want to say how inspiring your blog has been to me! I began reading it because of your sister Shawni and I was captivated by your love and passion for life and living. I was about to embark on a mission and your post about the mission filled me with hope and happiness. When I came home, I continued reading. I've loved following your adventures and I'm so excited for your move to London! I lived in England when I was a little girl, for a total of 8 years, where I met my now-fiance. We are getting married in late July and I will also be moving to London this summer! Anyway, this post made me so excited because I am so excited to really explore one of the most magical cities I've ever been to (I have yet to go to so many more!). Thank you for sharing snippets of your life with the world, and to people like me. I apologize for this essay of a comment! Ha. Keep enjoying your around-the-world trip :)

  2. Let me know it you want to visit Germany. We have a guest room for you and close to the Ruhr area. :-)

  3. How exciting! For how long will you be living in London? Will you be able to work there too? I wish a wonderful time on the rest of your trip!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaa, you're moving here to the UK - that's brill.:)

    Will you be renting a flat in London while you're here?

    How long do you hope to live here for?

    You'll be able to eat all your favourite sweets & chocolate - & fish & chips etc.:)

    You'll have to change the dates on the blog to the UK one, such as today's one Wed, 6.5.15. (Sometimes when I look at US dates I keep thinking there are 15 months in the year!)

    Thank you for updating the blog & I'm so glad that you & Ian are safe & enjoying your trip.

  5. How exciting!!!! Can't wait to follow along on your adventures in the UK. I'm sure it'll be an incredible experience for the both of you!! x

  6. I just got goosebumps! How exciting for you two!

  7. So exciting! London is my favorite city ever! My in laws are there until January serving as the directors of the Hyde Park visitors center, go say "Hi" to them, Duane and Margaret Cardall :)

  8. Wahooooooo!!! I really hoped that your message to me about showing you round Wales meant your move was going to be this side of the Atlantic! SO excited for you guys! and jealous - how I would love to be living in London too!!! but I know how fond you are of Scotland and we're moving to a 4 bed house so will have plenty of room for you to come visit and we can show you the sights there instead (because we're on the move too!!) xxx p.s your pictures of Mount Cook were INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  9. That is such good news!!! If you need any guidance or help negotiating this big but super exciting move, please know that I would love to help in anyway that I can :)

    P.S. I spoke to your mother about sending you a screen shot of our Daily Times - you and Ian were pictured and it mentioned that you were safe in Nepal and had contacted family! How crazy that you were in the paper here before you even moved here?? I thought it would be a keep-sake as a reminder of your wild experience - I couldn't find an email address to send it to.

    Safe and happy travels to you!


  10. So so SO exciting!!! Congratulations! I would absolutely love (and kinda be terrified) to have an opportunity to live abroad. My husband and I both grew up in Idaho, but we currently live in Connecticut, so that's our "foreign" experience for now. :) I am looking forward to seeing and reading about your adventures in London.

  11. Your guy is in economic right? Anyway, if so the London Business School of Economic is fantastic and you guys made a fatastic choice. Everything is just a hop over the pond. So excitied for you guys!

  12. Hello my new neighbours! 😃

  13. so excited to see a London baby!!

  14. That is SO exciting!!! I have always wanted to live outside of the USA for a while and I've never had the opportunity. Treasure every second you have there- it is an amazing city. Congrats!!!

  15. CONGRATS! What work will you be pursuing?


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