a couple of outings around britain

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am i all over the place on this blog or what?! one post from galapagos islands, the next from yosemite, an update from london, then randomly a stanford graduation thrown in there, and here this post takes us to hampstead and oxford back here in the uk! next up: north dakota. and in a while?: a greek island. {i also am planning to share some thoughts soon about being a mormon woman, about our first year of marriage, about bucket lists.}

our life really has been all over the place the past few months! even after we arrived in london and signed a lease on our flat things have felt quite short of settled, since we’ve had so many visitors and our boxes and furniture haven’t yet arrived from california. all the moving around has been so fun and enriching, but we are looking forward to the last few months of 2015 being a little more still.

life is such an adventure!!
here’s a peek into a couple of outings we’ve had lately.

a few weeks ago we took a little excursion up to hampstead before church on sunday. hampstead is still london but feels like a quaint little village, and hampstead heath feels like wilderness!

IMG_7214 IMG_7223
^^ we happened upon a charming neighborhood church, that happened to have doors that matched the boy’s shirt perfectly! ^^
^^ the home of john keats. we sat on a bench and read one of his poems. ^^
^^ in the heath. we have to go back to explore more – we only saw a sliver! ^^
^^ we had a picnic at kenwood house in the middle of the heath. felt very austen-esque. ^^

and a few saturdays ago we hopped on a train to oxford to spend a few hours there. i lived and studied in oxford for a summer when i was sixteen. it was really fun to bring the boy to my old stomping grounds and show him some of the places i frequented and/or loved. we climbed to the top of the church tower. we might have to keep a running tally of how many bell towers we climb to the top of whilst living in europe – i love those windy stone staircases and views from the top so dang much!

IMG_7256 IMG_7261IMG_7258IMG_7259IMG_7264 IMG_7267IMG_7268IMG_7269IMG_7270IMG_7271IMG_7275IMG_7276IMG_7278

i love england. i love the boy. i love our life. when it’s moving and when it’s still.


  1. Fabulous Photos! Love this magical place!

  2. I'd love to hear more about your summer in Oxford. Was it study abroad? Some sort of exchange?

    1. hi rachel! i did a high school summer abroad program though oxbridge academics in between my junior and senior year in high school. it was such a great learning experience for me.

  3. Can`t wait for you to share your thoughts about being a mormon woman and your first year of marriage. (I got married just a few days after you last year and I´m so excited for our first anniversary!)

  4. You have been to so many places. If you had to choose your all time favorite location or region, where would you choose? That would be a fun blog post- Charity's Best of: scenery, favorite adventure ever, scariest, best food, friendliest, etc. you would have some good insight from your travels.

    1. thanks for this comment! i'm flattered that you'd want to see my "best of"! i'll add that to my list of possible future posts...but for now i'll tell you that my all time favourite place in the world is jerusalem. i studied abroad there in 2007.

  5. I loved Oxford. I'd love to go with you sometime so you can give me an insiders tour : ) Such a fabulous city that was home to great writers.

  6. I love seeing photos of Oxford - when was a student it was such an intense time, and sometimes I miss it so much. Which college did you study at?

  7. "am i all over the place on this blog or what?!" Ha! Both literally and figuratively. :-)

  8. Probably or what.:)

    Hampstead is very special to me as I was born there.

    I also used to go there a lot after we moved to Bracknell, Berkshire as my Nan & Granddad lived there & we used to visit them a lot.

    We often went to Hampstead Heath for picnics & my Granddad often took me to the park there.

    Great memories.x