last goodbyes before we headed across the pond


ian spent one of our last days in the mountain west this summer driving our trusty and beloved car from bear lake to provo to sell it to his cousins. it was legitimately hard to say goodbye to the beat up hyundai. in that car is where i first told ian i loved him! and we have had countless good conversations and quite a few tears and quite a few more kisses and sooo many awesome road trip adventures in that vehicle. the dent in the hood is from that time we ran into a deer on our way to bear lake, and the dent on the side is from when i ran into a parking garage pole because i was deep in conversation with a dear friend about ian and my love story. so many memories of good times and hard times, too. we’re glad the car is staying in the family!

speaking of sad goodbyes, here are a couple photos of the day we left ian’s office at stanford before driving out to utah. i can’t resist sharing that cute pouty face, which is somehow kind of a duck face?! ian put in a whole lot of hard work in that little room, and we have some treasured memories together there as well.

2015-06-17 17.31.43 2015-06-17 17.32.06

after our time at bear lake, we flew to columbus to spend a weekend with the boy’s brother and his family before heading across the pond. we had such a great time playing tennis together, going out for dinner and ice cream, building star wars legos, attending church together, sharing meals, and playing a lot of board games. sure love these guys!


and then it was off to london! we had a really terrible experience with a messed up flight reservation at the columbus airport, but we finally got to charlotte and then on the plane to london. the boy’s company flew us over in business class, which was pretty fun and exciting for us. we are definite first-timers with that experience, and we were kind of freaking out a little at all the amenities. tricky to decide if we should sleep (lay-flat seats!) or enjoy all the entertainment/food, haha!

2015-07-20 22.09.03 2015-07-20 22.29.34

we landed in london nine hours later than expected, and thus began our wild adventures working to get settled here (still ongoing nine weeks later!). we are so glad to be londoners and are excited about our future in the uk. 

p.s. if you are reading this and you are a mom, you’ve got to check this out.


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    1. yes!! i'm pretty proud of myself :) we've had some pretty good travel adventures since we moved here though so i'm not totally up to date...soon!

  2. May I ask what kind of pants you're wearing on the plane? They look super cute and comfortable -- I'm always on the hunt for good plane pants for long flights! Thanks!

    1. sure! they are from north face and i wore them all the time on our trip around the world. soooo comfy and worth the $ in my opinion.

    2. North Face. This must be one of the sacrifices you made in order to afford to travel so much.

  3. Oh, the Hyundai. It was a sad day when we got rid of ours too. Hard to move on but super exciting too.

  4. Great pics! Life goes on! Thank goodness!

  5. I have to say the offices at Stanford are much nicer than the ones at the University of Washinton. My hubby had no windows and concrete and no color all around. It looked like a prison cell. Those were the days.