i’m a little obsessed with beachy head


early last friday morning, we hopped on the tube to heathrow to pick up a rental car. we drove to the temple and loved spending some time there, and then cruised south to the coast. i had been wanting to visit the white cliffs at beachy head, near eastbourne, for months. we got to the sea right at golden hour and as we drove through green, rolling fields speckled with sheep, glowing and sloping down to the cliffs, i fell in love with this spot of earth. pictures don’t do it justice!


we parked the car and hiked up to the top of a ridge of the cliffs for some sunsetty views, which were absoultely stunning. we were loosing light fast, but the bright green atop the bright white cascading sharply into the blue ocean had us both in awe. so majestic!


it was suuuuper freezing cold but the beauty around us distracted us :) i am determined to go back to beachy head in the summer (especially because we found a lighthouse that is also a bed & breakfast!). this place felt somehow a lot like northern california to me, which my nature-craving, city-dwelling spirit loved. we walked down to and along the stony beach to relish the last few minutes of daylight.

IMG_1076IMG_1060 IMG_1059IMG_1066IMG_1072

the light was going down, down, down and the tide was coming up, up, up, but we didn’t feel done with those white cliffs! so we decided to head into eastbourne and come back in the morning! we saw these pretty lighthouse views on the way…


and then the next morning we headed out to find a lookout of the “seven sisters” cliffs from the other end. the light was so hazy that early dawn, so my camera couldn’t pick up on the awesomeness too well, but i still tried :)


i’ve decided beachy head is my new favourite spot in england – i am a little obsessed! we went to the famous white cliffs of dover the next day and easily concluded that beachy head is 100x times better. a truly stunning bit of earth.


  1. Ohhhh my goodness Charity, these pictures are AMAZING! Next time we're in town, we're going:)

  2. Homesick. Beautiful captures of the white cliffs at sunset.

  3. oh wow! So magical! Wish I could have been there with you. I need more i feel alive poses from you.

  4. I'm so jealous! Next time we're out to see y'all we are doing that. The white cliffs have long been one of my favorite places to visit (want to visit).

  5. Was thinking of you as I recently got to talk to another friend in London. Glad to hear you are doing well and getting your nature fix!

  6. Charity, next time you go you need to dig in those pebbles for sea glass!! I bet there is some great stuff in there! My head is spinning at the thought as I look at that expanse of beach...these are some lovely photos, nice work!

  7. Spectacular! I am so happy you share all of these amazing places with the rest of us. This is beautiful. Lisa