new years day at the spot from which time is measured!


on new years day, we hopped on a boat at embankment pier on the thames and sailed down to greenwich for a quick holiday outing. greenwich – home of greenwich mean time and the prime meridian of the world – is a pretty neat place. not only is it rich in historical and longitudinal significance, but it is also absolutely beautiful and perfectly charming. it was a really rainy and dreary day here in london on january first, but we still had a fantastic afternoon exploring greenwich.

^^ the lovely buildings that make up the old naval academy. ^^
^^ the royal observatory atop the hill! ^^
IMG_0857 IMG_0870
^^ standing in two hemispheres – east and west – at once! kind of cool that just seven months ago we also stood in both the northern and eastern hemispheres while straddling the equator in ecuador! ^^
^^ views down to the skyscrapers of canary wharf ^^
^^ in this photo – admist all that london fog! – you can see (far on the left) the distinctive skyscrapers of east london, near the tower of london. greenwich feels like a world away but it is just a bit further down the thames! ^^
^^ i walked down from the observatory to the town center and caught this awesome band playing fun music. the boy came to meet up with me and got in my picture at the perfect timing haha! can you spot him? ^^
IMG_0875 IMG_0882
^^ the cutty sark, an epic old ship, lives at the end of this street on the river. we were too late to go in the boat, as well as the pained hall and the chapel – so we’ll have to return to greenwich one day! ^^

the boat ride to and from greenwich was so wonderful. we just relaxed and enjoyed the london scenery and i neglected to take a single picture! but each day london feels more and more like home and less and less like a new place to be photographed :)

it was fun to be at the prime meridian and learn a lot about time (and how it has been measured historically) on the first day of a new year, when time starts over for another trip around the sun. two thousand sixteen is looking great!


  1. I guess you meant to write eastern and western in Greenwich and southern and northern in Ecuador.

    1. haha indeed i did! thanks for the heads up - corrected!

  2. Hi Charity! I found your blog a few years ago and I love reading it! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for sharing your passion for life! Reading your posts always brightens my day, and there's some that I've read over again when I need to remember that God has a plan and that life is beautiful. So again, thank you so much for sharing!