dreamy lake bled


we got home last night from a long weekend eastern european road trip. a significant part of why i love traveling is the wonderful, wonderful feeling of coming home. it’s going to be a good week in london!

the evolution of our planning of this trip is kind of a long and funny story that i’ll share in more detail soon …
for now i’ll say that our itinerary morphed a lot over the past six months:
from driving through ten different balkan countries
to making a loop through a few less balkan countries
to driving most of the croatian coast …
and just last week we settled on spending two days exploring some bits of slovenia and two days enjoying the city of budapest.
we are both so happy with how we decided to spend our long weekend. we were pretty blown away with the gorgeous scenes we saw in slovenia, (which is such a hidden gem among european countries!) and the awesomeness of budapest. we highly recommend a visit to this part of the world!

side note: the boy is such a road-tripper. he grew up taking 20+ hour drives with his family all over the usa, and he’s really good at enjoying the journey from place to place via motor vehicle. we've got a good groove going on with road-tripping, which we've been doing together in some capacity for over three years now!

we flew into bratislava, slovakia and picked up a rental car. the next morning we drove through stunning scenery in austria and down into slovenia.


we saw so, so much gorgeous landscape on our way to our first slovenian destination: lake bled. it was hard to capture from the fast moving car! tons of bright yellow rapeseed fields and then outrageously pretty green hills, backgrounded by white-tipped mountains and dotted with the charmingest sprawling villages made up of red rooftops and tall church towers. the winning jewel of fantastic scenery came though when we arrived at lake bled – one of the dreamiest spots of earth i’ve ever laid eyes on.


lake bled is a crystal-clear glacial pool surrounded by magnificent julian alps, dotted with a tiny, lush, church-topped island and watched over by a majestic, cliff-hanging castle. yep, it’s pretty spectacular.
we hung out along the shore while waiting for the next traditional pletna boat to row off toward the island. the weather was so, so kind and lovely!


after the boat filled with fellow marvel-ers of lake bled’s beauty, we were rowed through that perfect water and our ride was just dreamy. we got to spend half an hour exploring the island and enjoying the views. can you even believe this place?!

IMG_1524IMG_1530IMG_1534IMG_1539IMG_1540 IMG_1541IMG_1546IMG_1569IMG_1571 IMG_1570
^^ on the boat ride back, i noticed this perrrrrrfect cabin right on the water. oh man, i want to bring all my favourite people to that exact spot and hang out in lake bled together for a while! ^^

we drove up to the castle as the daylight was starting to descend. the castle itself had some really cute corners and was fun to see up close, but the real joy of visiting the top of that cliff was certainly the sensational views over the lake!!


thoroughly stunned by lake bled, we continued our drive to the little coastal town of piran, slovenia – where we were continually astonished by the wonders of slovenia. more from piran next!


  1. Straight out of a fairy tale! What a beautiful place!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing as always. You are rocking pregnancy!

  3. Hi Charity, it would be correct to say that Slovenia is in Central Europe even though small number of people place it in Southeastern Europe. I'm glad you liked it :)

    1. we actually read three different conflicting reports about which countries make up central and eastern europe while we were on the road - ha! good to know that central europe is probably most accurate for slovenia - thanks!

  4. while all of your photos are fantastic, the first photo on this post is one of my favorites of you and the boy. sweetest pure happiness.

  5. Oh I just sew that you visit our country. Bled is just on the other side of the hill, just half an hour ride where I live. We are very small, but we have all, mountins, sea and flat land. I think you would like our capital city Ljubljana, too. Wish you all the best to you two and to your baby,

  6. Oh man, Char! I want to be your travel buddy! Can't wait for June!!