back home {and back to blogging!}

our little family of three returned home to london yesterday after spending two weeks in the united states of america. it was a wonderful trip, and we really wish we had more time with family and friends and in the mountains, but we are also so glad to be back home.

our baby moses is two months and six days old. he is growing and thriving, and we are so grateful. lately he has been cooing and smiling quite constantly, which tickles us tremendously. we are completely obsessed with our tiny son and cannot believe how we love him more and more and more with each passing day. we both knew we would love being parents, but we both love it more than we could have ever imagined.

little mo has had lots of exciting new adventures in the past few weeks and i have taken approximately one million photos of him ... i have so much to share! (don't worry, i plan to post about 0.5% of the pictures :) ) now that my body feels pretty much fully recovered and now that baby boy has a bit of a routine, i'm hoping to get back to blogging regularly.


i am learning so, so, so much from this crazy gig of motherhood and i'm extremely happy in a whole new way. life is novel and wonderful and beautiful.

more to come soon!


  1. Glad you're feeling well! And can't wait to read about your adventures in the US!

  2. Yay! Glad you're back! And Mo's facial expressions are just too cute!

  3. Love that smile. So excited to see him and you guys again in a couple of months.

  4. Back in London just in time for the end of the September heatwave :)

  5. WELCOME BACK!!!!!! We have all missed your blogs SO MUCH! Mo is quite a wonderful fellow! :-)

  6. Two weeks – not in salt lake or utah or the u.s. or the states or the u.s.a. or america...but the united states of america. So official!
    But it’s only ever london or england, never the united kingdom or great britain (let alone the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland...)

    1. Ah, but do you read the love and adoration in every "London" and "England" she types? You have to admit - she loves her adopted country! :)

  7. No question she is “dripping with adoration” for “london england”. The point is that her referring to her native country by its...drumroll...OFFICIAL FULL NAME is pretentious, even for her. Just call it the U.S., the States, or America like every one else!
    I mean, is she going to call her baby Moses Thames Wright using all three names every time she talks about him? Then why do that very same thing with her country?


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