tidbits from november

tomorrow we are headed down to germany to celebrate thanksgiving with the boy's brother and his family (who are currently living in munich). when we get back, it will be very nearly december and very completely christmastime!!! so today i'm sharing some tidbits of our november in london.

moses has been growing like crazy throughout november! he looks gigantic to me (especially after i visited a friend and her two week old baby last night!), and he is developing new skills and new sparkly personality every single day. he is so much fun, a super happy baby, and both ian and i are absolutely obsessed with him!

have you ever heard of the "four month sleep regression"? yeah, that's a thing ... a thing that has really affected our lives over the past few weeks! our nights aren't quiiiiite as restful as they used to be (we were a bit spoiled by some pretty great sleep stretches for a while there). moses has almost completely grown out of his moses basket, so a new sleeping situation (in his crib in the living room) is around the corner anyway. we'll see how it goes - eek! i'm trying to really cherish the middle-of-the-night quiet cozy feeding time - it's rough, but i know that i will miss it one day. 

it's the busiest time of the year at work for the boy - he's been working really hard. we both have been kept busy serving in various capacities among our church congregation. i was asked to be the president of ward's children's organization (primary) and taking on that responsibility has been overwhelming at times but also hugely fulfilling. last sunday was the primary presentation during sacrament meeting - the kids shared their testimonies of the saviour jesus christ, through words and music, with the entire congregation. it was quite a lot of work and stress to get the presentation organized and rehearsed, and all that effort royally paid off. the meeting was so special and really touching. the primary children teach me so much and i love them dearly.

last week moses and i got to spend an afternoon with my awesome cousin aubrey (<---) who is currently studying at oxford. we took a long walk down the thames from the golden jubilee bridge to tower bridge. i love this girl and it's so great to have her close! 

little mo and i also got to spend a morning last week with my friend (from my san francisco days) steph. we had a great time catching up over brunch in covent garden and then took a walk around trafalgar square. i love, love it when friends pass through london! 

so ever since i got a new iphone i have been obsessed with live photos!! they are so cool, and so perfect for capturing wiggly babies! they record 1.5 seconds before the photo is taken and 1.5 seconds after. i love to use the app motionstills to quickly turn live photos into cute little videos (i copied my sister saydi, who makes a little motionstills video of her family's adventures every month!). here's a little compilation of live photos that i took in november!:
some captions for the video:
-london autumn is gradually decrescendoing. it has been magnificent!
-moses loved having grandma and grandpa around at the beginning of the month!!
-our drive through the english countryside with ian's parents gave us lots more amazing foliage to admire.
-when ian has to stay at work past 8pm, i bundle moses up and we meet dad at his office cafeteria for dinner.
-the christmas decorations are going up around london! my former thanksgiving-protecting, afraid-of-diluting-the-magic self would be appalled, but i am embracing christmastime in november this year (in moderation!). 
-last saturday, we walked five minutes down the street to waterloo bridge to watch the lord mayor show fireworks - they were sensational!
-moses's new trick lately is reaching out for and grabbing toys ... and my hair, and my face! he constantly wants to chew on something (especially his hands and his sophie the giraffe teether) and is the drool king. please bless he doesn't get teeth toooo soon!
-when ian was working late one night, mosey and i walked over to regent street to witness the christmas lights switch-on! i had no idea there would be fireworks but there were! and it was spectacular! we were back in mayfair a couple days later and saw that the angel lights stay lit up during the day - and it's so magical how they shimmer in the daylight!
-can you even handle that super long piece of hair that moses has over his forehead?! it often does a little curl and we just die over it. 
-little mo is just full of joy. he is our joy boy. we love him so much. 
-when you are too cheap to have real family photos taken, you set up a self-timer overlooking big ben and run back and forth about twenty times, trying to make your baby smile (and stay warm!) in the meantime. we got a few semi-good ones - should we send out the one where moses is grinning but we both look a little weird, or the one where big ben is sticking straight out of our heads?! hmmmm....

a couple of weeks ago i took a long walk through the super charming and delightfully colourful neighborhood of primrose hill with a new friend. we couldn't stop snapping photos of all the pretty sights along the way. this city! so full of lovely corners and fun surprises! 

the first three weeks of november have been wonderful in many ways. now on to thanksgiving and then ... christmastime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, i am annoyingly infatuated with christmas.)

p.s. here's another motionstills video that i made last month. i dare you to try to not smile while watching this! i have watched it approximately 107 times. 


  1. Not a huge fan of sushi

  2. Love the videos. My kids think Moses is great!!

  3. Aw! Look at that smile! Super adorable!--M

  4. Wow that video is the coolest! LOVE it! And everything else. Love you!

  5. These videos made my day! Actually, my week. He's ridiculously cute in every photo, but off the charts darling on video!

  6. I love Primrose Hill! All those pastel homes! I'm so excited that you're primary president! I was called as president in my ward early this year and I LOVE it!!


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