weekend #1 with mom & dad wright: beachy head & dover!


ian’s parents came to town last thursday! we have been looking forward to their visit for months, and it has been so much fun having them here – especially for moses, who adores his grandma and grandpa wright!

last friday and saturday, we all five went on a road trip to southeast england, where ian and i showed mom and dad some cool places we had visited last winter, and then we spent sunday together in london. on monday moses and i did some touristy things with our visitors, and on tuesday morning they left for a quick trip to munich to see their eldest son and his family (who are currently living in germany for three months!). mom and dad came back to london on thursday and we all headed out on another weekend road trip – to the cotswolds and blenheim palace – this morning (i am scheduling this post to publish while we are away).

so this post will chronicle road trip number one and the next, road trip number two!

first stop: the london temple! we were excited to show mom and dad our temple,
and to have babysitters so we could go inside :)
^^ it was such a gorgeous fall day on the temple grounds! i was flooooded with gratitude and joy as i came out of the temple that beautiful morning! ^^
IMG_1940 IMG_1949
^^ that tree!! ian and i found moses and grandpa strolling nearby. moses had fallen asleep in grandpa’s arms, holding onto grandpa’s thumb! ^^
second stop: beachy head! i loooove this place! the beauty there is so unique and striking.IMG_6072IMG_6059
^^ that moss along the shore! amazing and so pretty! the whole scene looked so different than it did when we were there in january! ^^
IMG_6063 IMG_6128
^^ little moses, taking it all in while snuggled close to dad in the ergo. ^^
^^ some sunbeams broke through the overcast sky and made the white cliffs shine. ^^
^^ three generations of nature lovers. ^^

stop number three: the 1066 battle of hastings historical site.
dad wright is really into history, so this was a must!
IMG_1978IMG_1963IMG_1969 IMG_1974IMG_1961 IMG_1955
^^ it was drizzly as we walked around the site, which kind of added to the allure in a way!
we ate lunch at this
darling little cafe across the road – the building is over six hundred years old and the food hit the spot! ^^
last stop: dover castle! the sun came out that saturday afternoon
and we all enjoyed scrambling around the different points of interest at the castle.
and back in london: after church we took a walk together
through the autumnal magic in kensington gardens.
IMG_1988IMG_1982 IMG_1998IMG_1990 IMG_1992
^^ these days, baby moses is along for the ride on the dip kiss (ian loves asking strangers to snap photos of us in this pose – this time we had mom around to take it!) ^^

such a wonderful weekend! it was exhilarating to have dad driving the car down super narrow streets and through big roundabouts on the opposite side of the road he is used to – haha! the sites were fun to visit and the company was wonderful to have. so glad grandma and grandpa wright came across the pond to hang out with us!


  1. Great update! Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous scenery and beautiful people too!


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