the ancient city of polonnaruwa


we drove north from kandy and our destination was the ancient city of polonnaruwa. this unesco world heritage site is quite amazing – the ruins nestled into the jungle are really impressive. polonnaruwa was the second captial of the kingdom of sri lanka, a fabulous garden city created in the 12th century.

there’s a lot of ground to cover and things to see in polonnaruwa, and we didn’t have a ton of time because we were planning on doing a sunset jeep safari at minneriya national park that evening (our incredible experience with one hundred elephants is coming in the next post!). our driver, koshala, was awesome and make sure we saw all the highlights quickly but well. he drove us to a half a dozen different spots … we got out, explored for a little while, and then carried on. since we tend to prefer a pretty fast pace at places like this, it was perfect!

all of the ruins were really cool to see (some of the carvings are so remarkably well preserved!), but my two favourite bits of polonnaruwa were: (one) the huuuuge reclining buddha cut right out of the rock, and (two) the monkeys everywhere!

IMG_8841IMG_8846IMG_8859IMG_8849IMG_8848IMG_8860 IMG_8869IMG_8867IMG_8871
^^ in buddhist temples, it is customary to take off your shoes. ^^
IMG_8872IMG_8873 IMG_8880IMG_8877IMG_8879
^^ how’s that for a doormat?! ^^
^^ there are lots of monkeys all over the ancient city, but i was so excited to see a brand new baby! i watched these guys for a solid twenty minutes and took about fifty pictures, haha! ^^
IMG_8891 IMG_8900IMG_8893 IMG_8906IMG_8884IMG_8912 IMG_8959IMG_8930
^^ visitors at polonnaruwa (and most buddhist temples in sri lanka) are asked to not take photos with backs turned to statues, as that would be considered disrespectful. ^^
^^ i was blown away by this reclining buddha, carved out of the stone nearly one thousand years ago! astonishing. ^^
IMG_8954 IMG_8956IMG_8953

i love marveling at and learning from different sacred places.


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  2. Okay that baby monkey is the best thing ever! His hair!!! Haha this trip looks fantastic!

  3. I love that you explained the custom of not taking pictures with your backs to the statues. That makes a lot of sense and it's really great to see you're family making extra sure to respect their culture. And even better that you then explain those cultural difference to us readers! Learn something new every day :) Sri Lanka looks amazing!

  4. OMG that baby monkey is so cute! Do they tell you or have signs stating the "rules" like taking off shoes or not taking photos with your back to the statues? Just curious because I've never been to that part of the world (yet) so had no idea.

    1. they have signs. and, in some places, guards to remind you :)


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