last batch of photos (+ a video) from maldives


little hadahaa island will always be a special place to our little family.
we feel so lucky that we got to go there!
here’s some last photos from our maldivian adventure.
no doubt a staff member came to hold and play with moses right after this ^^ photo was taken. the food at the park hyatt was really expensive (as expected) but also really delicious (yay!).
IMG_4328 IMG_4336
one evening and one morning i got to go to an outdoor yoga class. at the morning one we had this ^^ view of the moon setting!
^^ ^^ ^^ some pretty failed attempts at capturing the wonder of the reef around hadahaa island. i seriously could not believe how insanely colourful the fish were. it was so neat to float over the coral and also look out into the deep , deep blue where the reef dropped off. exploring the underwater world is always surreal in the coolest way.
^^ and here’s my scuba selfie attempt – haha! diving together is pretty fun –
we’ve been underwater buddies in kauai, galapagos and maldives and are looking forward to many more dives together in the future.
…and here’s a little video i made of some of the footage ian filmed during our boat dives. we’re not very good at the underwater photography stuff, but it gives you an idea of the magic…
(our first dive was along a reef wall, which was so so cool.)
our last night on the island, the resort hosted a little cocktail (mocktails for us!) party on the beach – with some traditional maldivian drumming and dancing. the sunset was the perfect backdrop and moses even got to dance with the drum band!
IMG_4349 IMG_4351IMG_9715IMG_9724IMG_9728
after the stars came out, we had a barbecue on the beach. there’s nothing like sinking your toes into sugar-soft sand underneath your dinner table! the food was amazing, but unfortunately ian was starting to feel a bit ill so he didn’t eat too much :(
ian spent pretty close to the entirety of our last day on the island sick in bed. it was so sad! moses and i tried to enjoy the beauty around us without daddy, but it was so much less fun without him. luckily our villa was noooot a bad place to lay low.
IMG_9814 IMG_4383IMG_4376IMG_9789IMG_9792IMG_9829IMG_4388 IMG_4392
when it came time to leave, we were so sad to go. our sweet host, charles (^^) took us to the end of the jetty to get on the boat, and then took this hilarious picture of us (^^). yeah, the sun was pretty bright (poor mo!). as we sped away in the boat, charles and the other hosts waved from the jetty until they were out of sight! i actually teared up a little! i know that’s dramatic, but … well, wouldn’t you cry leaving this paradise, too?!
…and then we rode a small plane back to male, slept over near the airport, flew to dubai, had a short layover, flew to heathrow, hopped on the tube, and walked home. it was a super long travel day, and moses finally proved to be just a tiny bit difficult on the last leg (bless him, he was sooooo good 99% of the time on this trip!). it was really good to be home.
IMG_4399 IMG_4405IMG_4413 IMG_4420
isn’t this how we all feel after twenty hours of travel – a little crazy?! ^^ :)

that was a pretty epic trip, a truly awesome family adventure.



  1. I have loved reading all of these posts! You are so brave to have traveled with little Moses, but it looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful! Right now II feel exactly like Moses looked in that last picture and I haven't been more than 20 miles today! What a "trooper"!!!


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