ten thoughts on a wednesday |4|


1. i’ve started playing classical music around the flat when moses is playing with toys and i am getting things done here and there. baby boy seems to totally love it! when there’s pretty music playing, he is noticably calmer and more content. it all makes me really happy!

2. about every third or fourth night after we’ve turned off the lights to go to sleep, i lay awake for a little while thinking about the day that moses was born, about his birth story. mostly i feel waves of sweetness thinking of that saturday morning in july, but my mind also replays how it all happened and wonders how it could have gone differently. ten months later, i am still working through this. i am so passionate about the beauty and wonder of childbirth, and i am so genuinely excited to (hopefully, god willing) give birth again one day.

3. moses is obsessed with the random doorstops that were in our flat when we moved in. about a dozen times a day, he army crawls over to them and pulls them out from under the doors leading to our living room and our bedroom, and then inspects them and taps them on the ground for a while. they are absolutely his very favourite toy – haha! also, his love for and fascination with soap bubbles just keeps growing.
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.45.32 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.46.47 PM.png

4. last saturday, we had a primary temple trip! moses and i went with other teachers/leaders and all the children from our church congregation to the london temple visitor’s centre and grounds and had such a fun afternoon there. there really is a beautiful peace that hangs over that little spot of the english countryside.

5. a couple of saturdays ago, ian was in charge of our weekly date and took moses and i on a little adventure in east london. first, we climbed the 311 steps of the spiral staircase of the monument to the great fire of london. then, we grabbed lunch at borough market. and finally, we walked across the glass walkway on the upper span of tower bridge.
IMG_0752 IMG_0771IMG_0756IMG_0763 IMG_0757IMG_0761 IMG_0776IMG_0784 IMG_0790IMG_0792
^^ when we got to tower bridge, we realized that moses had fallen dead asleep in the carrier facing forward! (he sleeps a lot in the carrier, but always has been facing forward when he’s snoozed in there in the past.) this cracked us up and we thought he looked so dang cute conked out like that. (and yes, he needs a haircut – but we just can’t get ourselves to do it! we love his hair!) ^^
IMG_0794 IMG_6067IMG_0804IMG_0799IMG_0807 IMG_0812
^^ we happened upon a little medieval faire at the tower of london on our way to the tube to get home! ^^


6. now that we are into the warmer months of the year (although it’s been still super chilly the past few weeks!), every single saturday there is some kind of event going on in trafalgar square (which is essentially our back yard). the other saturday moses and i were on a walk and happened upon a huge sikh festival, complete with a langar meal and a turban tying booth! i have been so fascinated and impressed with sikhism ever since i visited the golden temple in amristar, india. so i loved happening upon this! there are so, so many good people of all faiths in this world.

7. we’ve recently added a dance party to mo’s bedtime routine. we all three have such a blast grooving and giggling together for one song before turning down the lights and helping moses wind down for sleep. it is seriously so fun. ian and i are enjoying being parents so much. it is so great to work on parenting together.

8. this past weekend, ian was really ill. it was so sad – he was up all night barfing :( it must have been food poisoning. man, we really don’t appreciate being not sick until we (or someone really close to us) is sick – and when that happens i vow to jubilantly enjoy every single day of feeling not sick in the future.

9. i’ve been listening to these podcasts about screen time that my sister shared. it’s so wild to think about how technology is changing the world and our very identities as humans. i think it’s more important than ever to make conserted efforts to maintain real-life relationships our top priority.

10. one of my all-time forever besties, catherine, came to visit last week! she brought her five month old baby, andrew, and we had such a blast together. cath is the dearest and truest of dear true friends: she prolonged her engagement so i could be at her wedding, she calls me “auntie charity” to her kids (three boys!), she gave the toast as my wedding, and she has visited me in nearly every city i have lived in. we explored a ton of london and a bit of the countryside, laughed to tears about high school memories, cut up each other’s food (when our hands were full of babies) at fancy restaurants, made sure our little ones were becoming bffs, stayed up late talking about deep parts of our hearts, and just had a total party in this awesome city. {more about our adventures together with our two babies boys in tow coming in the next posts!}
IMG_7864 A337ACAE-BC8B-4B60-B4A2-69721712145F

life is beautiful! happy wednesday!


  1. The delivery of my first son was extremely traumatic (he actually died as a result of lack of oxygen during his birth). So I completely understand the flashbacks and rehashing all the details in your mind. 13 months later I just delivered my second son and it was a completely different experience. All of my prayers and hopes come true- it was so redemptive. I pray and hope the same for you in the future.

    1. Oh Robin, hugs to you. ❤️

    2. robin, i am so so sorry. and so glad you had a redemptive experience in your second birth. thanks for sharing.

  2. The kids and I were just debating if you could walk across the top of Tower Bridge. I can now report to them. for sure, that you can. I guess we'll have to do that on our next visit to London!


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