a birthday weekend

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for the weekend before my birthday, ian encouraged me to craft an itinerary of things that i wanted to do to celebrate being born and being alive. last year i opted to leave london for a day trip in the countryside and along the coast, and this year i chose to spend time in some beloved and some new bits of our city.

on saturday, we had breakfast (my favourite meal, for sure) in notting hill (the cafe i chose was darling but unfortunately the food itself was disappointing – you win some, you lose some!), and then i spent a few hours shopping on my own (such a treat!) while ian and moses hung out. in the afternoon we met up and went on a canal boat ride from little venice to camden market! i’ve spent only a tiny bit of time along london’s canals, but in that time i’ve noticed jolly people cruising along on colourful boats and so i wanted to give that a go! especially because i adore camden market – so ending a boat journey there sounded perfect!

both the boat ride and the yummy food at camden lock were wonderful. after we ate, we decided to walk to primrose hill (the hill itself affords awesome views of london and the neighborhood of primrose hill is just about as adorable as it sounds). and that night we cuddled up to watch a movie together in bed (something we don’t often do but really enjoy).

on sunday after church services and meetings, we had a picnic (which ian lovingly prepared) in st. james’s park, and took moses on the swings and to feed the birds. i loooove it when the flags are up along the mall, so we stopped to take a couple pictures with them on the way home.

…and on monday (my actual birthday), moses and i took an epic walk and the three of us had an epic birthday picnic at queen mary’s rose garden!

it was definitely a happy, celebratory weekend in london!

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^^ two of the best things in london: sensational flower stands and mo’s devestatingly cute curls! ^^
^^ the food market at camden lock has every type of food you can imagine, from indonesian to peruvian to hot dogs to bahn mi. it’s awesome. ^^
IMG_1766IMG_1770IMG_1773 IMG_1744IMG_1778IMG_1780
^^ the top of primrose hill. can you spot the london eye? ^^
IMG_7521 IMG_7527
^^ post st. james’s picnic. the mall was closed off to traffic because of an event and it was fun to walk right down the middle of the road! ^^
IMG_7629 IMG_7630
^^ a few extra snaps from our rose garden picnic. it was perfect! ^^


  1. Happy, happy birthday!! From pictures it looks like you have a Babyzen YOYO stroller. We are looking to register for a stroller and considering this one. Do you mind sharing how you like it so far, etc? Thanks!!

    1. sure! we absolutely LOVE it! it's perfect for our lifestyle because we travel so much and live in such a small space. it has held up really well on all the bumpy streets in london (and elsewhere), i don't have any problem lifting it up and down steps in tube stations, and we just love how compact and simple it is (the fact that it folds up small enough to fit in the overhead bin is moooooney). a lot of our friends have much fancier strollers and i just can't think of much that i wish i had beyond what the yoyo has. i hope that's helpful! (i know, i should be a yoyo saleswoman or something! ha!)

  2. Thank you dear charity for the response! I appreciate it!!

  3. Hi Charity, happy birthday! I've just discovered your blog and spent the weekend reading through your archives. I'm loving it and the beautiful photos. We're about the same age (I'll be 31 in September) and your words just speak to me! I'm so in love with the LDS faith as well, so I love to read your thoughts about it. Maybe someday I'll be a member! :)

  4. Awesomeness! That hair is getting redder every day! Love it!


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