postcards from cornwall


one of my sister’s little mantras for a happy life is: “live in anticipation of the memory.”
sometimes life feels rouuuuugh. but very often, when we look back at an experience, it seems pretty sweet. the hard stuff tends to melt away and we remember the adventure, the learning, the tiny beauties and the moments of exhilaration.
the trick is realizing in the middle of the roughness of the present that, in the future, the reflection of the past will be nice – and therefore embracing the now, brilliant in its grittiness and challenge and comedy of errors.

our trip to cornwall, while it was happening, felt like an epic fail at times, for reasons ranging from the pesky to the profound. our trip to cornwall, looking back, feels actually quite dreamy - all wrapped up together as a memory, it was wonderful. i anticipated that i would feel this way about it after it was over, so i deliberately enjoyed it before it was over. and i’m grateful for that little slice of time we spent as a family on the wild cornish coast.

here’s some pictures from our road trip.

^^ we impulsively decided to leave friday night instead of saturday morning,
and ended up staying at this gorgeous manor house in wiltshire on our way down to cornwall. ^^
IMG_1155IMG_1158 IMG_1161IMG_1169
^^ after hours and hours and hours stuck in holiday weekend traffic,
we arrived at st. ives during low tide. ^^
IMG_1177 IMG_1180IMG_1185 IMG_1198
^^ there are vw buses everywhere in cornwall!
it’s my dream to drive one of those (my alternative to a minivan) one day. ^^
^^ cornish ice cream makes everything better. i loooooved all the super british flavours. ^^
IMG_1207IMG_1206 IMG_7205
^^ i had banoffee crunch and blackcurrants in clotted cream.
and this was definitely not the only ice cream cone i enjoyed over the long weekend.
i don’t know why cornish ice cream is so dang uniquely delicious.
happy, healthy cows enjoying the stunning views in the sea air, i guess! ^^
^^ windy selfie. of three kids so sick of being stuck in a car :) ^^
IMG_1220 IMG_1227IMG_1213IMG_1229IMG_1237
^^ quite a few crazy people were out swimming and surfing in the ocean! brrrrrrrr! ^^
^^ a self-timer from the car’s side mirror on the way to church during a spot of sunshine! ^^
^^ those tiny white dots are all sheep! ^^
^^ we walked the causeway to st. michael’s mount during low tide.
that pathway is completely submerged during high tide! ^^
IMG_1301 IMG_1307IMG_1309IMG_1317IMG_1320IMG_1325IMG_7102IMG_7118 IMG_7139IMG_7142 IMG_7126
^^ scenes at land’s end, england’s most southwestern point. ^^
^^ it was raining, and moses was snoozing in his car seat,
so ian and i took turns hurrying along the coastal path in the whipping rain to see these views. ^^
^^ super narrow cornish roads (yes, this is meant for two-way traffic…!) ^^
IMG_1469 IMG_1472IMG_1477IMG_1481IMG_1493IMG_1473 IMG_1496IMG_1491IMG_7103
^^ there are wildflowers sprouting up everywhere in cornwall! i loooooove it. ^^
IMG_1498 IMG_1503IMG_1511IMG_1532
^^ one night after moses went to bed and while ian was studying, i took a little solo adventure to this spot – called bedruthan steps – just as the last light of day was eeking its way out. it was remarkably clarifying and nice for me to do something like this completely by myself. i was the only car in the parking lot at the trailhead, and the only person on the trail. (pretty good self-timer pic, huh?!) ^^
^^ the front door of the little cottage where we stayed for three nights is on the right! ^^
^^ tiny daisies in the grass is one of my very top most favourite things about england. ^^
IMG_1555 IMG_1580IMG_1586IMG_1579IMG_1590 IMG_7085IMG_1595
^^ the tiny village we stayed in – st. minver – a few miles from the coast. ^^


a beautiful memory indeed.


  1. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking!! So I finally did it.... I posted my story of post partum depression on my blog and how it almost took my life on my blog. I've really appreciated your encouragement. I'd really love for you to read it and share your thoughts. Thank you so very much!

    1. april, thank you for sharing! i really appreciated reading your post. so raw and real - and it truly inspired me. you are doing great work. xo

  2. Poldark country. I love how much you love it here.

  3. Hi Charity,
    I hope none of your family or friends were caught up in the terrible events of what happened in London
    last night. x

    What an awful shock again.

    Praying for all those involved. x

  4. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures! My friend likes to say, "It'll either be a good time, or a good story" - and his words help me live through frustrating times a little more enjoyably just as you do.
    As a mom of a 3-year-old I got to drive to a friend's ordination all by myself the other day and even though it wasn't picturesque, I agree - it is so good to have clarifying alone time. Even better in nature! :)


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