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it has been really valuable to me to consider on blog readers’ questions about my faith/mormonism, and on reactions to the answers/thoughts that i have shared here. i have a list of unanswered questions that i promise i will get to over the next few weeks - - in the meantime i have replied to comments and i appreciate the ongoing discussion (which you can read in the comments section of my recent faith-related posts). it takes quite a bit of energy and time to articulate answers to a lot of the questions that have been asked, so i just need to break it up a bit over time. i am really glad that this blog is a place where perspectives can be shared and we can all learn from others’ opinions/beliefs.

moses is currently obsessed with standing up. he wants to be standing up all the time and is constantly pulling himself up to his feet using any prop possible. i can tell he is so eager to stand on his own, and to walk! i can’t believe my baby is old enough for that. it is so fun to watch him discover his body and the world.

on my birthday, moses and i took a long walk from our flat to whole foods in kensington (because i needed mochi ice cream balls on my birthday). we stopped for lunch at my favourite, ottolenghi, and i enjoyed a macaron from pierre herme (significantly better than laduree, in my opinion). we happened upon the prettiest home facades in a corner of knightsbridge, and strolled along the flower walk in kensington gardens, and then moses played in the grass near kensington palace while i savored every morsel of my mochi ice cream. all this made for a perfectly splendid afternoon. i live a really beautiful life, and i am grateful.
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over the past couple of weeks, ian and i have solidified our travel plans for the rest of the year. i’ve updated my world travel page to reflect those plans, and i’m excited to continue to explore this amazing earth full of inspiring humans. we are in london every day in june, which feels really good!

the other day i needed to grab something from the living room/kitchen -  which is also moses’s bedroom :) – while little mo was napping. i snuck in quietly and then was caught dead in my tracks by the scene in front of me. moses was snoozing peacefully in the corner, and toys and books were scattered alllll over the floor, and sunshine was sneaking through the blinds in streaks across the room. it just hit me that this very scene is my fondest dream come true. my heart was full of sweetness and gladness.

there are three sure-fire ways to get moses to stop pretty much any tantrum and make an immediate 180 turn towards joy and excitement. the first is to get out the book “noisy pets” (one of those books with buttons you can press to make sounds; it was a gift from a friend at christmastime). the second is to turn this song on. and the third is to show him this video – which never fails to make him light up and laugh.

we are a family of summer birthdays – mine is in june, mo’s in july, and ian’s in august! summer partying for the wrights! i am kind of in denial that moses is turning one so soon. but he is having three birthday parties – haha!  one with the families from our prenatal course (who all had babies within a month last summer), one with our friends in london before we leave for the states, and one at grandma and grandpa wright’s house in texas on his actual birthday. as a true lover of celebrating, and as that little boy’s very biggest fan, i’m pretty excited about it all!

one day last week, moses and i discovered st. dunstan in the east. this church was largely destroyed in the second world war, and its ruins have been transformed into a public garden. it is a pretty and peaceful place and a wonderful little testimony of “beauty for ashes.”

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of positivity, and working on training my mind to jump more quickly to positivity than to negativity, especially in my marriage. i really believe that our perceptions of reality can be significantly affected by the amount of  positivity we actively embed into our physches and our lives.

ian and i have designated an upcoming saturday as our goals day – we plan to put aside all plans and tasks and spend the entire day (except for one small break in the middle) examining our present and looking forward to the future together. we both feel it’s important to take the time to step back and evaluate how we are doing and if we are going where we want to be going, to stop and consider on what is most important and what our vision is for our family as we continue to grow. we try to have these types of full-day goal sessions twice yearly. i’m looking forward to it!

happy wednesday! life is beautiful!


  1. Hi Charity,
    I really enjoy these Wednesday posts. You are so positive & grateful for so many things & I really appreciate that.

    I love the London pix, especially of the flags in the mall.

    Are you going to see Trooping The Colour on Saturday? It should be brill. Last Saturday William was on Horse-guards rehearsing for it. I'd love to have seen that:)

    I know this is negative - sorry - but do you live anywhere near that tower block of flats that is on fire? Praying for them all. x

  2. Hi Charity! How long will you guys be in Baltimore? Do you need any travel/dining suggestions for while you're there? I know plenty of awesome spots :)

  3. Absolutely love your blog and your outlook on life. Ian & Mo are blessed to have you!

  4. "nine.
    i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of positivity, and working on training my mind to jump more quickly to positivity than to negativity, especially in my marriage. i really believe that our perceptions of reality can be significantly affected by the amount of positivity we actively embed into our physches and our lives."

    This is so true, and something I, too, am guilty of. Always quick to be negative, and sometimes having to remind myself to be positive. I was just thinking about the number of hours (approximately 7.5 per week) I sit in horrible traffic, and so much of that time is spend being huffy and frustrated. #lifeistooshort. I need to improve this negative mindset of mine!

    PS: England looks so DREAMY! I was there years ago, and particularly fell in love with Exeter; we took a ferry on the River Exe. Topsham is the town that is actually by the River Exe, and it was quintessentially British (though I really don't know an official definition of what is quintessentially British)... don't know if you've been, but it's *so* worth a visit!

    1. hi! I also have a long commute to work, like you 7.5 hours a week. i resolved to frustration with podcasts and audiobooks! now that i navigated to podcasts world for a while i have a new poscast to liste to every tue, wed, and thursday! for the rest I listen to audiobook and try out new podcasts.i also call people from the car! i set an alarm and every fri I call my aunt or one of my friends. I live abroud and that's probably the reason why it's so important to call, and i'm not sure it could be the same for you! hope this helps!

    2. Hi Carlotta,

      Some great ideas! I have not delved into the world of podcasts yet... maybe I'll start! I do commute with my husband, which allows me to talk to someone while we drive to/from work. I have made calls (hands-free, of course!) and it sure passes the time, and it's time well spent :). Any podcasts you'd recommend?

    3. Hey Sabrina!I listen to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, I hate my boss ( which is actually on how to love your boss!!), Happier in Hollywood (Gretchen Rubin sister, it has just started and I'm still not sure about it), Get it Done guy, and 2 Italian podcast that I would love to suggest but I'm not sure you would understand!ah, what the heck: Sognatori Svegli and Ad Alta Voce). In the past I listen to Serial, and if you haven't I strongly suggest it (hopefully you don't have kids in the car....it can get a little criminal) there are also all kind of courses! I listen to chinese podcasts since I can speak it and there is always room to improve!

  5. Do Disneyland Paris! I mean, I've never been and I've heard it can be disappointing comparable to the USA Disney parks, but as an avid Disney fan whose goal is to visit all the world parks, I support this! haha

    1. Yeah, if you've been to the parks in the US, Disneyland Paris is a smidge of a letdown. Or, at least, its not as big and fantastical as Florida. BUT. It has Alice's Curious Labyrinth, which I remember being so delightful! Plus, there's something extra charming about all your favorite Disney characters speaking French. I think it's certainly worth a trip if you're a Disney lover!

  6. Another Baltimore reader chiming in <3 We're in city with a baby so more than happy to share tips on getting around with a little one. To include awesome restaurants that are family friendly

  7. Love these thoughts! All good news. Pics are phenomenal! See you very soon!


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