post christmas tidbits

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we had a super chill week between christmas and new years. ian went back to work on the 27th but was able to leave significantly later in the morning and come home significantly earlier in the evening each day. we got in lots of wonderful, relaxed family time and tried to do lots of things that moses would be really excited about - we went to the transport museum, the zoo, a lantern festival, and our communal garden. ian and i had two movie nights (a huge rarity for us) and planned our upcoming babymoon trip (sans moses!) to morocco. we shopped for couches (deciding on one to buy is soooo stressful for me!) and devoted an entire day to making goals for the new year and further into the future. and i saw the nutcracker! i went by myself which was actually super fun. every once in a while it’s good to have a date with yourself :) we rounded off the week with watching london’s truly spectacular nye fireworks show (we were lucky to find a spot with a great view!).

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^^ i really enjoyed english national ballet’s production of the nutcracker at the coliseum (which is literally around the corner form our old flat!). seeing the nutcracker is one of my most beloved holiday traditions. the last two christmastimes i saw the royal ballet and it was fun to switch it up this year. i loved the pointe shoe christmas tree at the entrance of the theatre! ^^
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moses had such a blast showing his dad around the london transport museum (he and i have an annual pass and go often during the work week). i can’t believe the only pictures i took were of these cute posters in a new exhibit ^^ like i said, it was a reaaaally chill week (which means i didn’t even bother to snap many photos of most things we did!).
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we met the schwartzes at the chiswick magical lantern festival one night. i have to say, it was pretty magical - in a chintzy christmas kind of way. little mo was transfixed….especially by the noah’s ark lanterns!
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i got in a couple of good yoga sessions during that inter-holiday week. i pass the most gorgeous houses in chelsea on my walk to yoga. seeing this one ^^ decked out during both the day and the night was a delight. i hope they keep those decorations up for at least another week now :) ^^
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we had such a fun morning at the zoo. it was so uncrowded and the giraffes and penguins were totally playing with us - along with some tiny and adorable monkeys in the monkey house!
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the way they set off fireworks around and off of the london eye is so cool. this new years was one of my most memorable ever.
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and i just have to include a little tidbit from today … our washing machine broke (mid-cycle) a few days before christmas and it has been a big ordeal trying to get a new one delivered and getting laundry done in the meantime. today while our load was in the dryer at the laundromat, moses and i went down the street to the v&a museum … in christmas pjs because they were the only semi-clean clothes around!
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it was a great, relaxing end to the year. here’s to a brand new one full of promise!


  1. #1 buying a couch suuuuucks. they're so expensive and it's so hard to find the perfect one. although i shouldn't complain because hey, we have a place to live in which we can put said couch.

    #2 - when you said christmas jammies i was expecting you to be wearing them too! moses is so cute.

  2. This sounds like such a great last week of the year! Your little Moses is seriously the cutest!
    Can you tell me/ us your secret for taking such great pictures at night? Do you use a tripod? Which camera setting do you use?
    Sorry for these questions but I am always so impressed with your pictures and I think you wrote somewhere that you used a Canon EOS Rebel 1 which is the same camera I own (but am not able to use properly...)


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