powerful parenting pointers in the palm of your hand

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for my entire lifetime, my parents have had a unique job.

“they write parenting books,” is how i usually respond when people ask me what my parents “do.” this is sometimes fascinating to whomever i am chatting with, and when follow-up questions are asked, i get to explain a bit about the work that my parents have devoted their lives to: sharing what they’ve learned deliberately raising nine children and connecting with other stellar parents all over the world.

over the past four+ decades, my mom and dad have earnestly tried to reach other moms and dads, by whatever means possible, to offer humble encouragement, ideas, and motivation in parenting. in the beginning they did this through publishing books; soon they branched out into media appearances and speeches at worldwide events and conferences; then they utilized the miracle of the internet with their website valuesparenting (and did you know that these days you can access most of their books for free online?!). as they’ve entered the seventh decade of their lives, their sincere desire to share and strengthen has only deepened. and in today’s world, the most effective way to do that is though social media!

so, my mom and dad are becoming instagram-saavy ;) and i think it’s pretty rad that they are making all the content they’ve developed over the decades (updated a bit here and there, but the principles are timeless!) quickly accessible through social media. powerful parenting pointers in the palm of your hand!  - effortlessly digested through platforms that you already use multiple times a day - isn’t that awesome?! 

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i invite you to follow their (ever-improving - they’re getting lots of tips from their kids ;) ) instagram account. they post at least one parenting/marriage tip per week and the link in the account bio leads to a webpage with buttons leading to articles, videos, and podcasts. {they also post a reflection on Christianity every sunday, which are insightful for all people I think!, and some tidbits from their travels, which are just fun to see.}

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there’s some seriously good stuff in there … definitely a worthy addition to any parent's regular dose of social media. check it out and follow along!!


unrelated ps…

ian and i are looking for someone who would like to come live in london and help us with our new toddler + newborn situation for a few weeks this summer. if you or someone you know would be interested in this opportunity, shoot me an email at charityeyre@gmail.com. 

pps. lots of morocco pictures coming soon! you can get a sneak peak on my instagram here.


  1. I don't know anyone. Nur very sensible! I said, if I'll be pregnant again and find ihr it's twins, the first thing I'd do would be to hier a nanny AND a housekeeper (with family living close). Party joking, nur only Party.

  2. Could one of your nieces come to help?

  3. Zumindest ist „Party“ ein englisches Wort – „nur“, „ihr“ und „hier“ aber gar nicht.


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