picnicking among the roses

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i had a birthday this week! to celebrate, we had a picnic at my favourite spot in all of london - queen mary’s rose garden in regent’s park. i’ve spent my birthday evening in this dreamy place every 12 of June that we have lived in this city. i think it’s one of the best traditions of all time. (2016, 2017)

our family picnic among the roses was the icing on the cake of a fantastic day. ian surprised me and took the day off of work!! (such an awesome gift!!!) we delighted in moses’s delight at an indoor soft play area and then i took myself out to lunch and to get a pedicure. little mo was so excited about presents and cake and the birthday song, little gabe was as sweet as can be, and ian made me feel so deeply loved and cherished.

such a great birthday! 

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^^ ian and mo bought me cupcakes and cool candles. can you spot moses’s finger pointing excitedly at the treats? :) ^^
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^^ someone definitely enjoyed a chocolate cupcake! ^^
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^^ while it was fun to chase moses around the roses, and breastfeed gabriel among the fragrant beauty, i think next year i may get a babysitter and enjoy the picnic with just my husband :) ^^
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^^ mo isn’t really into the sit-still-and-smile-at-the-camera thing, haha! ^^
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^^ here he is picking out a treat that was a bribe for sitting on this bench for a photo ;) ^^
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if you would have asked me five or ten years ago what i would want my life to look like when i turned 32 years old, i’m pretty sure i would describe pretty much exactly the life i am living. there are some real challenges, but my life is my fondest and wildest dreams come true. i am so grateful to look forward to another year of sinking my teeth into life on this beautiful earth. 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What a beautiful place to spend the day!

  2. Happy Birthday! What an elegant, delicious-scented, love-where-you-are birthday tradition.

    And I think you are right about next year with a 1 year old and almost 3 yo - there will be no sitting down!!

  3. Happy Birthday Charity. thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Happy Birthday! I have an unrelated question....In the past I've enjoyed reading about the baby gear you find useful, and as we're about to add a 2nd baby as you have just recently done, I'm curious to hear what items you've kept, what is no longer useful, and if any new items have popped up that help you handle two kids at one time! (is your diaper bag still as useful or do you feel like you need a larger/different one? Will you be getting a two kid stroller when the baby is a little older, etc)

  5. How thoughtful of Ian to take a day off of work! You must cherish him more and more over the time!


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