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our road trip from barcelona to monaco was a pretty epic family trip. (as i noted back here,) we learned pretty quickly that the season of life we are in is just not super conducive to adventures that include sleeping in a new place almost every night and spending good chunks of time in a car :) the first few days of the trip were just exhausting - we just hadn't quite hit our traveling-with-a-toddler-and-a-newborn stride. but we got there! and ended up having a truly great time exploring, learning, and making family memories.

our two week trek started with a couple of days in beautiful barcelona. we saw some quirky amazing gaudi architecture, wandered the streets of the gothic quarter, found some edible treasures at la boqueria, and were stunned by the stained glass in sagrada familia. i have to say that my favourite part of our barcelona time was the two hours i had to explore by myself while ian hung out at the hotel with our two sleeping babies. it was just pretty exhilarating to take in the wonders of the city toddler and baby (and husband! ha!) free.

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^^ views from the top of the towers of sagrada familia. ^^
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^^ moses is obsessed with letters, and whenever he sees them he very enthusiastically points at them and starts (loudly) singing the abc song. this door was heaven for him! i love this picture that ian snapped on his iphone, and this hidden piece of art with a little-bit-hidden message. ^^
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^^ there were a lot of frozen treats purchased during our time in barcelona. it was sooo hot! and this playground across the street from sagrada familia was a bit of a godsend. and awesome. ^^IMG 1347

from barcelona, we drove to the tiny country of andorra and then down to the southern coast of france. to be continued...!


  1. After watching the Olympics in Barcelona years ago, I thought I'd like to visit Barcelona. After these incredible pictures, now I KNOW I do! (Your blog is so dangerous for those of us with wanderlust!). The building with the light purples/greens/blues/tans on it is gorgeous. All of the architecture looks fantastical and amazing. Now I just need to figure out how when we could possibly visit!

  2. This will be such a stunning journey for your boys to see when they grow up. It will be hard for them to believe that they have been to all these incredible places. We LOVE Barcelona! It's unique in all the world! Gaudi is surreal!


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