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yuletide dinner party



ever since brittany and i started throwing dinner parties together early last year, we’ve talked about planning one around christmas – obviously the queen bee of all holidays to be celebrated with a classy fete.

so literally months spanning two calendar years of anticipation went into this one. we try to be graciously humble and remain a bit bashful about our dinner parties, but i’m just gonna out and say that this was pretty really fantastic. everything was really pretty and it was a magical evening, truly. {bummer that my pictures turned out pretty grainy and the light in my dining room is so weird.}

i mean, there is just no magic like christmastime magic, right?!?

IMG_2746IMG_2743IMG_2730IMG_2731 IMG_2733IMG_2752IMG_2754IMG_2756
on the menu: artichoke turnovers and apple gruyere bites for hors d'oeuvres / mixed greens with pomegranate, grapefruit, candied pecans, feta and fig balsamic / roast beef with caramelized onions, rosemary roasted potatoes, lemony brussel sprouts and spinach gruyere soufflĂ© / the most beautiful chocolate and nut buche de noel (yule log) you’ve ever seen / homemade hot coco with assorted toppings

after the meal, we sat and sipped our drinking chocolate and shared family christmas traditions and laughed, and it was just wonderful. such a good group, such a fantastic night.


{previous dinner parties: st. patrick’s day / good friday / midsummer night / pioneer day /fall fete / saint lucia day / springtime in paris / garden party}


4th annual guy fawkes bonfire


kelsey and i throw a guy fawkes night bonfire celebration at ocean beach in san francisco every november. each year the party gets better and better. {years past: 2010, 2011, 2012 – yes i wear the exact same outfit every year!}

so on saturday, right after cleaning up from the bridal shower i helped put on, i raced up to san francisco to make an effigy and stake out a spot on the beach with kels. it’s always an adventure figuring out how to pull the bonfire off without the cops shutting things down too early. every year they’ve come (even when we had our celebration inside due to rain!) – but they must have lost their invitation this year because we didn’t talk to a single officer! more friends than ever before joined in the revelry and it was a pretty epic night.

 IMG_2445 IMG_2442 IMG_2446IMG_2453
our guy chilled for a while by the fire and then we introduced him to all of our friends.
 P1012950 P1012954
IMG_2447IMG_2448 IMG_2449P1012975 P1012974P1012960P1012963 P1012966P1012981
i made the rounds distributing british treats, including digestives, hob nobs, wine gums, all sorts and moments truffles as the night got darker and the fire got brighter…
P1012971 P1012986
then kelsey told the story of the gunpowder plot of 1605…
bonfire6 IMG_2462
and i recited the traditional poem, then riled up the crowd yelling, “what shall we do with him??”
bonfire8 P1012994  bonfire10
the resounding reply – burn him!!!
once the guy was all consumed in flames, we pulled out the sparklers and fireworks.

best year yet!


a bridal shower brunch

yesterday i threw a bridal shower with these incredibly lovely girls: IMG_2405
kelly and melinda are seriously among the very classiest and and elengentest of women in the universe. it was so fun to scheme up a little soiree with them (about 90% of this loveliness is kelly and melinda’s doing … but i helped!).
we had a build-your-own-parfait bar, tea sandwiches, a cheese board, and the darlingest mini wedding cakes!
IMG_2378IMG_2424IMG_2381 IMG_2384IMG_2391IMG_2393IMG_2396 IMG_2398IMG_2400
the shower was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of this dear bride-to-be:
i first met katie when i lived in san francisco, and when i moved from the city to palo alto just a few months after she did, we became roommates. i think katie is literally the sweetest person i have ever met in my entire life. truly. she’s just an absolute treasure of a girl. she’s also probably the girliest girl i’ve ever met, which made for a very pink and princessy party! katie moved to dc many months ago, so we have been missing her around these parts, and it was so fun to gather her girlfriends for a shower of treats and gifts and wedding excitement.
IMG_2409 IMG_2411IMG_2413IMG_2415 IMG_2419IMG_2420 IMG_2434IMG_2418IMG_2428
melinda asked katie’s fiancĂ© to film himself answering some questions about their love story. it was so fun to get to know his personality a little, since most of us had never met him. his video was pretty entertaining!
a few things well worth celebrating:  the sweet bonds of good girlfriends, pretty lingerie, really cute and yummy food, and the miracle of true love.

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