a very good good friday


a few days after st. patrick’s day, brittany and i started a new email thread to discuss plans for our next dinner party. that turned into 44 emails back and forth, not to mention dozens of texts and several little planning meetings. this wednesday we met at my house to decorate and on thursday had an epic night (until 2:45am!) of baking at brittany’s. and then, oh then!, on good friday we hosted our much anticipated easter dinner party - and it truly was splendid.

inviteIMG_0425 IMG_0428IMG_0426IMG_0427
brittany made those napkins! and i blew out and decorated those name place eggs, then put in a surprise!
i should have gotten a close-up for those deviled eggs – i piped in the filling and they looked so pretty!
i was outrageously proud of my hot cross buns, the customary good friday food. i learned a lot of neat facts about the tradition of hot cross buns and so i shared them while everyone tasted.
can you spot the bunny ears burrowed into brittany’s incredibly yummy salad?
while we ate our main course, i had everyone go around and crack their egg and read what was inside. i had collected interesting facts about good friday and easter traditions. we learned where the easter bunny came from, how many jellybeans americans consume each year, and how good friday is commemorated in different cultures and congregations. the last egg was empty to remind us of christ’s empty tomb.
IMG_0468IMG_0470 IMG_0479
i loved how my festive coconut macaroon nests and chocolate dipped peeps turned out, and brittany’s carrot cake and strawberry tartlets were incredible.
IMG_0448 IMG_0450
in addition to the dessert table, we also had a candy table. isn’t easter candy truly the best?
okay, i have a problem. somehow i end up awkwardly squatting in a weirdly created front row of group pictures. honestly, i don’t know how it always happens or why i don’t insist that it stop happening. sorry for the awkward posing. we had such a stellar group of people at this dinner party!
and after dessert we dyed easter eggs together. there were some masterpieces!
at our last dinner party, we insisted that no one help us clean up. this time, having stayed up until 3am baking the night before, we buckled under the pressure when several guests suggested chipping in.
and so we had a pretty sweet cleaning up party to round out the night.
the universe conspired to bring brittany and i together as dinner party throwing co-hostesses,
don’t you think?

i’m learning good lessons from being a hostess.

what a good good friday. i loved that night. it was so wonderful and lovely. it started off a weekend full of really fully celebrating easter.


  1. Good Friday!

    Jonah and I are very very pleased with the male to female ratio. You just moved up a notch in our book from INCREDIBLE to REMARKABLY ASTOUNDING.


  2. oh my gosh char! When am I invited? Wish you could come and nanny and cook and hang out with us here.

    love and miss you like CRAZY!!!

  3. Oh my heck! How in the world did you pull that off? Where did you get all the plates and silverware not to mention the fabulous looking food! Everything from the invitation to the Easter egg dying looks truly spectacular. How in the world????

    The fact sheet was pretty cool too! What attention to detail! Dad says, "that this looks like a once in a lifetime party and you do it every other week". Amazing!

    Come home and cook for us! Good luck getting ready to leave this week.

  4. Oh my! What food! What a gathering! Wish I could some how be invited...but I am sure my two munchins would make a mess of everything! It inspires me to want to plan and prepare such an evening. You are amazing! Your new hostess skills will come in handy for the rest of your life:)

  5. charity - you went all out! i'm so impressed! really. and, it's fun to see the familiar faces of melissa and traci at this party.

  6. Charity your dinner parties look absolutely magnificent. How I wish I lived near by so I could attend one. Love you girl!

  7. Hi Charity!
    I have been following your blog for a little while and just LOVE your zest and passion for life (and strength in the Gospel). You put on fantastic dinner parties, which truly are inspiring.

    I hope you put Australia down on your places to see. I'd be happy to show you some sites :)

    Thanks for keeping your blog!
    Love Jessima

  8. you are amazin' sistah! so creative and such a perfect little cook! wowsa...i'm so impressed.

    come visit me and teach me a thing or two!

    see you soon baboon:)

  9. You have too much fun! I wish I lived in Palo Alto so I could hang out with you and your friends!

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  11. Where does the Easter Bunny come from? :)


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