my dad has this theory that god included his children in the creation of the earth, that our pre-mortal selves each had a part in the process. we all connect with specific things in nature, right? certain elements of the earth resonate with our spirits? perhaps we helped devise and construct some beautiful details.

dad is very keen on horses, and he’s willing to bet he helped in their creation. i think i was probably on the dahlia committee. in fact, i’m pretty sure i was head of the dahlia committee.

these sensational flowers are just friends with my spirit.

and so, the dahlia garden in golden gate park is just a heavenly chorus of a place for me. i’ve gotten so giddy every time i’ve taken someone to see it – i can hardly contain myself. the colors and textures are just outrageous! i love it.  


incredible, right? i want a bouquet full at my wedding and a garden full when i grow up.
i helped create these beauties, after all! :)



  1. i just know i was on that committee with you.

  2. I was on the tropical fish committee while you were busy there with the dahlias so thanks for sharing! Gorgeous!

  3. What a charming concept. I love it! I think I will be thinking about it often after this.

  4. dark orange/red dahlias (like your 5th picture) were the main flower for my wedding. Great choice :) I think I was on the sunrise/sunset committee. You're welcome.

  5. oh, i love your dad's perspective! i was definitely involved in the creating of the oceans!

  6. You must read Travels With My Aunt by Grahm Greene. It's been years since I've read it, but dahlia's are a great passion of the protagonist and it's a fantastic read even without the dahlia element.

  7. char, these are beautiful flowers! I loved going to that very garden with you last year, your passion for dahlias seeped into me, I'm pretty sure you were on that committee.

    love you and miss you!


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