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between and after wedding festivities, i got to spend a little time with some of the most beautiful women on earth. IMG_4452IMG_4460
i had lunch at the dodo with missy, caitlin, miffy, cath and lisa and it was just such a delight. all-time favourite meal with some of my all-time favourite friends. and it was a bonus to get to see cath’s baby boy sam too. he even smiled for our picture!

after the reception, i met up with janey at a random grocery store and we took a walk through dark, warm salt lake city streets and talked. oh man, i love this girl so much. our spirits are made of the same stuff. jane and i met in jerusalem, and then went on missions at the very same time. we wrote each other every two weeks the entire eighteen months. it had been way too long since we’d seen each other, and she’s moving to texas soon. obviously i’m already planning my visit! (yes, i know that is an awful, awful picture)
i have such great friends. especially when i am in utah and reunite with women who have long inspired me, i just feel so incredibly blessed.


  1. You really pack in every minute. Such beautiful friends!

  2. Hello! Where's the photo of you and me and Liza at that random park???


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